Солистка группы «ВИА Гра» получила предложение о замужестве Anastasia Kozhevnikova admitted that planning her wedding. Fans have long seen the ring on the ring finger of the girl, but she did not comment on changes in their status. In radio, the actress admitted that her heart is not free.

      Member of the popular group “VIA Gra” Anastasia Kozhevnikova is going to get married. The girl hid for a long time from fans of the happy news. Fans of the soloist reviewed its finger ring with stone, however, numerous questions about the chosen one she didn’t answer. The artist hides the private life, afraid to public scrutiny. Singer of the band “VIA Gra” took part in the program “let’s Go!” to “Autoradio”.

      The girls told the host of the show about how they got into the group, pass all the tests of the contest “I Want to VIA GRU”. During transmission Kozhevnikova noted that often receives declarations of love on social networks. However, she decided to disappoint the male audience. The girl said that soon married.

      “Yes, I’m engaged,” said Anastasia.

      The show’s host called the Declaration of girl “frustration” for many males. Anastasia just laughed in response to the comment.

      The singer also shared her plans for the future. The soloist of the band admitted that soon they are planning to record a joint track with max Barsky. According to Misha Romanova, the artist is very talented, and they would like to collaborate with him.

      Recall that the new “VIA gra” was formed in 2013 after the reality show Konstantin Meladze’s “Hochu V VIA GRU”. Last spring, fans of the band were thrilled at the news that Anastasia has ceased to appear at some events with Erica and Misha. The soloist arrived in Moscow together. The Network has spread rumors that Kozhevnikova left the band. However, the representative of the group reassured fans, explaining that the singer found the disease that caused her to pause in the concert schedule.

      “Anastasia, along with all had to come to Moscow, but just shortly before the departure of the train reported being unwell. Of course, we had to cancel a planned performance in Moscow, as one part can not operate. At the moment Kozhevnikova is the current soloist of “VIA gra”, – said the agent.