Победивший рак Андрей Гайдулян радуется пополнению в семье The actor and his wife brought a lovely baby. Andrew Hagolan and his wife Diane ochilova can’t decide on a name for the new member of his family. Help the couple appealed to the fans.

      In the family of the stars of the series “Sashatanya” Andrew Giulana and his lovely wife Diana, Ochilboy appeared adorable baby. The couple decided to get a dog, and on the eve of their house has a big-eared, funny puppy Beagle. This hound dog with an independent and very friendly character, because today many people are trying to get a four-legged friend of this breed.

      The news about the new addition to the family in the microblog shared wife Andrew Giulana. Diana ochilova said that she and her husband have not yet decided on a pet name, and asked subscribers to help them select from many options that she suggested.

      “We have a little friend. I think to call Scooby, Charlie, Buck, Roll, Lucas, Freddie, Barney…” – wrote under the incredibly touching creation Diana ochilova.

      The photo of the puppy touched by the fans of the couple, and they began to offer their own versions of the name for a small pet of Diane and Andrew. “Such a sweet child!”, “What The Buck. Come home, and there is a currency!”, “Leonid – concise and clear”, “Call Frankie! Best and suits him very much! “A super dog! Really want when I saw, I realized that only a dog ready to start”, “At me too such miracle. Fred name”, – discuss subscribers Diana ochilboy the news about the appearance of the family dog.

      Recall the famous actor Andrew Hagolan and his beloved Diana ochilova became husband and wife six months ago. A significant event occurred in September. 32-year-old Andrew Hagolan and his fiancee 25-year-old Diana ochilova played a magnificent wedding abroad. Beautiful ceremony and an incredibly fun holiday for the occasion was held in Italy, on the Adriatic sea. Andrew Hagolan rolled Italian wedding

      Before the wedding, the star couple went through a very difficult test. A year and a half ago the series stars Andrew Giulana was diagnosed with cancer. The actor was undergoing treatment abroad. Diana ochilova all the time was there beside me, supporting him, surrounding them with warmth and care, and giving hope for recovery. Andrey Gidulyan managed to beat the disease and now he helps people with a terrible diagnosis of cancer.