Elina Kamiren radically changed her image

Элина Камирен радикально сменила имидж Celebrity has changed her hairstyle. Most fans of the star was used to seeing her with light hair color. But now from bright blondes were only memories. Kamiren decided on a bold transformation and has become a burning brunette. Fans were delighted by the unexpected image of the former participant “Houses-2”.

      Elina Kamiren could always boast of luxurious images that she created with the help of fashionable clothes. Fans of women with neterpeniem waiting for the next pictures of celebrities. They note that the presenter knows how to dress stylishly and this inspires many of his podeschi. But as for appearance in General, Kamiren often tried to stick to the same image, not much experimenting with hairstyles and hair color. However, this time the star has retreated from the principles and dramatically changed.

      Elina Kamiren starred in a candid clip of the stars of “Real boys”

      Elina has become a burning brunette. New rich chocolate shade, many fans immediately admitted telediva. The followers did not hide that I was a bit shocked by this abrupt transformation. Part of the fans said that they did not expect this from Kamiren. They were sure that the woman feels comfortable and with light brown hair color. But Elina has a different opinion on this. Judging by her records to the latest posts in Instagram, she wanted to take this step, but for some reason didn’t go through with it.

      “And here is the new me. Now I feel perfectly” – wrote in the microblog Elina.

      The reaction of the fans was predictable. In the first few hours after the publication of fresh pictures subscribers have left hundreds of comments that shared their opinion about the change of the image of the celebrity. Obviously, users of a Network became divided into two camps. Some were excited about the new image of Elina. They stated that it was long overdue to think about such hair color. Fans noted that in this form Kamiren looks even more spectacular. Being a brunette it is, according to them, even more will attract the attention of men.

      “You are really is this color and let any changes in Your life bring You only positive emotions!”, “What you fire! Afraid to speak directly with this in a good way. Unattainable!”, “It seems to me to be a brunette you’re so much more! So much power and eneregii” – shared the opinion of the followers.

      Subscribers celebrities began to compare it with Russian and Western celebrities. Because of this, the comments sparked heated debate. Some tried to convince others who are more like Elina. Anyway, they claimed that the change of image must go celebrity benefit to help finally to establish a personal life.

      Note that there were those who did not appreciate the efforts of the stars. Skeptical commentators have highlighted that Kamiren shouldn’t have gone to such drastic changes, because this hair color will need very long to get used to. Toloveru believe that celebrities can’t like me the way she tries to regain hair color. Although, I must say that even those who reacted negatively to the change of image Elina admitted that approve of her attempts to do something radically new and different.