Юлия и Стас Костюшкины отмечают десятилетие со дня свадьбы
TV presenter and singer admitted touching each other in love.

Yulia and Stas Kostushkin

Photo: Instagram

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina today celebrate the first “serious”
anniversary — ten years from the date of the wedding. A wedding is called tin because
this metal is as flexible as relationship in the family. Over the years, the couple has time to fully adjust to each other.

In the life of this stellar family is the case. The couple are happy together, understand each other perfectly and still in love
each other. Julia this happy day left her husband a touching message.

“That moment when you and me declared the husband and
wife, says TV presenter, I chest breath, in the face
flowed with tears and a lump in my throat was so big I just couldn’t
to say! And now, 10 years later, when I think about our wedding day,
I was going through the same thing. I love you, my dear, all the best in my
life is only with you.”

Full of love and tenderness this letter was written by the beloved and Stas. “God,
ten years since the wedding… I love you, dear! — says the singer. —
reverse side of wedding rings you and says “loyalty”, and how
also nice to know that during these ten years, no one broke their word. Scary
only one thing: that every year I understand more and more that I can’t live without

Edition 7days.ru congratulates
family Kostyushkina with the jubilee and wishes of this beautiful and strong stellar pair
happiness, love and understanding!

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