Ева Польна задумалась о переезде в деревню
The singer admitted that wants to farm.

Ева Польна задумалась о переезде в деревню

Eva Polna thinking about farming

The singer often shares his impressions from his travels. This time, during a trip to Europe Eva Polna appeared in an ordinary village and seriously think about
life in the countryside. Nchalo to dream about their own farm and a country house. Perhaps even
pair of travel — and pop star will indeed buy the land away from Moscow, will begin to grow potatoes and goat milk.

Animals on the farm liked eve and her dress

“By nature I am definitely poetic and romantic, try
nourish yourself with beauty in its various forms, ” reflects Eva. Amazing
landscapes, exquisite architecture, masterpieces of art and music… it All helps to fill
the soul, lofty sentiments and slightly rise above the everyday world that
just need a creative person”.

But there is in the singer and the other part, for its recognition, very
earth. “Not vain, worldly, not petty Philistine. The part that loves life
close to a nature inside her. Feels plants and animals and beautiful things
it is in the work “on the ground”. That is, the palaces and villas are fine, but
and the house above the river, apples and cherries in the garden, home grown potatoes on
the garden is also a “place of power”. Fate always sends you
reminders and hints, helps let small steps, but
out on the road that you’re ever destined to go. The other day will
was on a small farm, and once again “earth” my
part agitated, stirred, dreaming. Horses, goats, poultry, vegetable and
field… What a beauty! He sits me still a kind of “landowner
Kuzjakina”. On lordly estates I don’t threaten, but the dream to build
small Gorodec with a goat and chickens stuck in me firmly. Especially in light of the
the situation with the quality of the products. Goats charmed me incredibly!
Especially the lop-eared Nubian, with a magic “odorless” specific
goat’s milk. Oh, well imagine, as I stand on the porch and compote
gooseberry roll, and the goat Apollinarius quietly chews in the garden rhubarb”.

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