«Ваш поезд ушел»: ради кого Андрей Данилко оставляет сцену The artist decided to pause and say goodbye to tour life. Andrey Danilko, who for many years is in the image of Verka Serduchka, thankful that he was able to earn thanks to the stage on the flats for their relatives.
«Ваш поезд ушел»: ради кого Андрей Данилко оставляет сцену

Recently, the artist announced that bids farewell to the role of Verka Serduchka. Hard to believe, but a parody of the way this year turned 25 years old. “StarHit” to find out what Danilko will do in the future.

“We decided long ago that Verka need to part, – shares with “StarHit” the 44-year-old Danylko. – Soon organize the final round, because the conductor, who later became a superstar, loved both in Europe and in America. I think that this say goodbye to tour life. However, to speak at corporate events all the same will. But now we need to pause. I realized this during a recent holiday with a man close to me – Inna Belokon, who plays the mother Serduchka. We often travel together, this time was in Greece. There started to turn into a child who was once in the pioneer camp. Wore sneakers, a t-shirt and just walked around, swam in the sea. Cap and glasses are not useful, nobody out.”

According to the artist, thanks to the woman he now may not work. Over the years the tour has amassed enough money, moreover, has provided housing for all the relatives in Poltava.

“Presented apartment with dad and mom, children and sisters, – says Andrey. – I never needed homes abroad and a yacht. Always spend wisely. For example, the nephew of the van decided to help immediately. Saw that drone. However, after a while he got a job, found a girl. Only then bought him square meters.”
«Ваш поезд ушел»: ради кого Андрей Данилко оставляет сцену

The actor admits that when completed the tour Serduchka, will go to Poltava to see family and friends. Danilko himself has long lived in Kiev, where he is regularly invited to participate in different projects. Last year and a half Andrew is a member of the jury of Ukrainian competition X-Factor.

«Ваш поезд ушел»: ради кого Андрей Данилко оставляет сцену“Shooting is a tough process, especially with my insomnia – sigh singer. – Tour biorhythms are disrupted. Night I’m awake and sleep during the day. Have to take sleeping pills or something stronger. Actually wanted to leave the project after the first season, but stopped me. And then the casting came from the band Mountain Breeze. It turned out that the guys are my countrymen. Became their mentor and continued to direct after the show. Don’t want to call myself a producer, because the money is not getting”.

However, Andrew is being modest. Thanks to him the team has the opportunity to tour and sing on large-scale events. So, over the weekend the young people took part in the festival Laima Vaikule “Rendezvous” in Jurmala. Danilko-coated performers and housing.

“Serduchka allowed me to buy an apartment in the centre”: Danilko said goodbye to the way

At the moment, young musicians live in the historical area of Kiev – Obolon – on a large database, which the actor purchased for storage of suits Serduchka many years ago.