Павел Воля наживается на коллегах по шоу-бизнесу Money is, apparently, decided Paul Will again and tries himself in the role of the entrepreneur. The comedian has launched an online platform called “Where’s the show?”, which will deal with the selling of tickets to various events for children and adults, concerts, performances, workshops.
Павел Воля наживается на коллегах по шоу-бизнесу

Will Paul hopes that eventually his life will compete with the largest operators in this field. About the innovation the comedian told the officer his company.

“Carefully select the partners we work with. The first two music festival where we were invited to purchase a ticket, already took place last weekend. Plan to on our resource appear as many exclusive events to differ from the rest. I also want to help the fans become closer to their idols. Will give fans the opportunity to get to the backstage or just to arrange meetings with the stars,” told “StarHit” Michael, an employee of the company.

Such projects will participate and the Pasha himself, and his wife Laysan utiasheva. According to Michael, at the moment the site works only with Metropolitan areas. However, it is a matter of time.

“September will be to contract with the organizers of the show from other cities, particularly St. Petersburg, – continues Michael. Soon launch a mobile app, so users will be easier to keep track of new events and cost of tickets.”

Stars often decide to start a business. For example, the singer Valeria shared with fans experience a proper diet a few months ago.

“The idea came a few months ago – told Valery “StarHit”. – I want to share the experience with everyone: how to lose weight, to radiate energy every day and not to waste time on cooking. Balanced meal will be delivered by courier to your home or office. Before the beginning of the course, each held a consultation with our nutritionists. They are based on the way of life, will give tips on what and how much you can eat, how to combine it with sports and so on. Someone wants to lose weight, someone on the contrary – correctly to gain weight. There are options for those who are on “drying”.

His idea the actress shared with Emin Agalarov, who have gladly supported. Meals will be prepared by the chefs of Crocus Group, owned by the singer and businessman. In addition to the usual menu is cooked and vegan. Sets on the day will have different calorie from 900 to 3300 kcal. And dishes for all tastes: from the fried rolls of sea bass with grilled vegetables and meatballs from quinoa and beets to coconut pudding with mango, Chia, and almonds.