Младшие сыновья Марии Шукшиной прошли военную подготовку The actress is raising twins real men. School holidays 11-year-old brothers Thomas and Fock held in military-Patriotic camp. Maria Shukshina proud of the boys and receives appreciation from the fans for their proper upbringing.

      Unlike other celebrities, who strive to pamper their heirs during the holidays, foreign travel and expensive entertainment, actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina decided to use the time for purely educational purposes.

      The star sent his youngest twin sons, eleven-year-old Thomas, and focus in the military-sports camp. For several days the boys were engaged in military training, learned to assemble and disassemble weapons, acquainted with the history of Russia, observed a strict regime and implicitly perform all the orders of commanders. In short, learned to be the real defenders of the Motherland. About how her sons spent the holidays, Maria Shukshina said in microblogging, making a collage from several pictures, telling about the harsh everyday life of young soldiers.

      “The holidays are over, and our youngest came home from camp, organized by military-Patriotic center “Vympel”. He returned with a love of country, an even stronger faith in God, brave and courageous,” wrote the actress on his page in Instagram.

      Followers of Maria Shukshina hastened to Express his admiration for the correct approach to education of the younger generation. “Wow! Have done! Krutisy”, “What are your good guys. Future defenders of Fatherland”, “Mary, you have such lovely children, may God give you health and good luck in everything”, “What you have big boys. Your protectors,” write the fans of Maria Shukshina. It should be noted that none of the comments, the actress does not neglect. She thanked everyone who kindly responded to her post.

      Recall that the 49-year-old Maria Shukshina is a large mother – she has three sons (the eldest of them, Makar, 18) and a daughter, and two years ago, the star became a grandmother. At the end of November 2014, the eldest daughter Maria Anna gave birth to a son Vyacheslav.

      Eleven-year-Fock and Thomas appeared in the third marriage of the actress with businessman Boris Vishnyakov. After divorce for a long time because of the conflict with the mother of his sons Vishnyakov could not see his heirs. After separation the twins were left to live with Maria Shukshina. However, after some time, the actress was allowed to see boys of their dad. Maria Shukshina has reconciled with ex-husband