Tatiana Navka took the risk for the sake of entertainment in the Maldives

Татьяна Навка пошла на риск ради развлечения на Мальдивах The Olympic champion is not enough adrenaline pleasure. Tatiana Navka is trying out a new sport – water skiing, which are considered one of the most extreme classes related to water. Fearless skater dashing surf of the ocean.

      Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Navka chose to take refuge from the winter cold on the warm ocean. However, the athlete before the New year managed to visit the ski resort, and a few days ago photos of snow-capped peaks in her microblog changed the pictures on the background of palm trees, white sand and bungalows.

      The skater doesn’t tell you exactly where on the planet it is, but knowledgeable about her life subscribers, said in comments that Were basking under the sun of the Maldives. Apparently, the star took with me on holiday and the eldest daughter of Alexander Zhulin. Any photographs of mom with her successor yet, but in microblogs both beautiful ladies pictures, obviously made in the same scenery.

      Tatiana Navka is not only basking on the beach, but also looking for extreme entertainment. Celebrity decided to try a new sport – water skiing. In Instagram Navka appeared a photo, which she cuts through the waves standing on a surfboard and holding on with both hands for the rope, which is probably attached to the boat.

      “Not a day without sports!” – signed by the athlete the full drive.

      “That is beautiful! Good and ours!”, “An incredible athlete!”, “Good boy, everyone can!”, “Constantly surprise us with their talents, courage, beauty! Thank You, Tanya!” – admired athlete of its members.

      By the way, it is possible that Tatiana Navka followed the example of his daughter Sasha, first to try out water skiing. At least the girl, is she riding in the surf, appeared in her microblog before your published Tatiana Navka.

      It should be noted that most of the celebrities choose to stay in the Christmas holidays to warmer climes. Volochkova, Gluk’oza, and Bonya naked on the foreign resorts

      They are not afraid of any long flights, no abrupt change of climate. The Maldives chose Anastasia and singer Jasmine, Bali resting Svetlana Khodchenkova, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollos with family, Yuliya Baranovskaya. Bask under the hot sun of Thailand families of Anna Khilkevich, Vyacheslav Malafeev. Don’t want to leave the luxurious beaches of Dubai Maria Pogrebnyak and Lyubov Uspenskaya.