Задержаны подозреваемые в дерзком ограблении Ким Кардашьян
Police hope to return stolen from the stars in Paris jewelry.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Fotodom.ru

French police reported the first
the arrest in the case of daring robbery in Paris Kim Kardashian happened
in October of this year. As announced, the currently interrogated the suspects a large group of 16 people.

Investigators worked hard to solve this
crimes because they were hurt the reputation of the police, because the gang of attackers
freely burst into a respectable hotel in the centre of Paris. Besides, the victim was a celebrity
on an international scale. And still guards needed more than three
months on the trail of criminals.

Meanwhile, Kim, as she claims, still
then, unable to recover from psychological trauma, which she suffered in
the time of the robbery. After all, the star not only lost their valuables for 10 million
dollars and unique ring, given to her by husband Kanye West, but still
he had been thrown bound and taped
mouth in your own bathroom, seriously afraid that she is going to shoot…

So back in America, Kardashian
first, ordered the construction of the bunker from robbers in your
the Los Angeles house. As
say, spouse a Kardashian so alarmed his wife that it was
the last straw, breaching his mental balance, resulting in
the rapper ended up in a psychiatric clinic. It remains to hope that now, when there is a real hope to find and punish
criminals and return the stolen jewellery, Kim and her husband finally get