Младшая наследница Татьяны Навки не боится тяжелого труда Two years of Hope with enthusiasm cleans the snow in the yard. The daughter of the famous figure skater Tatiana Navka showed a terrific work ethic. A little girl love to help dad work on the house.

      Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Navka adores his youngest daughter Hope. Star mom a little over a year ago ceased to hide the girl’s face from the fans and since then quite often shares pictures of his lovely heiress in microblogging, each time resulting in tenderness of the subscribers.

      A new photo of a girl who posted her star mom, proves that a two-year Nadia is not CIT. The baby is not afraid of hard work and with great effort taken for her. The picture shows Nadia was captured along with his dad Dmitry Peskov, father and daughter are busy with domestic work, cleaning the snow from the courtyard. The girl defiantly wielding a shovel, which is much more than she did. Dad stands by and probably encourages my baby-daughter. “Sunday is not sitting idle! Dad’s helper!”, – signed frame Tatiana Navka. A touching family photo has delighted followers of the celebrated figure skater.

      “The button is tiny, so pretty, happy for you, Tanya, so nice to see a new photo always waiting” “nice picture!”, “What a pretty daughter you have, honey. The happiness and health of your beautiful, exemplary family”, “Nadya well done! And strong! And otherwise in such mom and dad?! All right and worthy of respect! Mom and admire!”, “That assistant of yours have grown. I admire you, the real you, Tanya”, – such comments leave fans of Tatiana Navka in her microblog.

      It should be noted that the two-year Nadia is a General favorite in the family athletes, where there is complete understanding and respect. Little heiress Tatiana Navka tries to be like his beautiful mother, so at such a young age already wears trendy outfits and goes for a manicure. Tatiana Navka: “the Husband indulges daughter, and I discipline”

      “Wait only two years old, but she already knows a lot of things! We draw and dance and go to the gym – nursery, easy – told in a recent interview with “StarHit” the younger daughter Tatiana Navka. – Sculpt – DIY dad and mom master for the holidays. Nadia is crazy like a gallery at home: different application, figurines from clay, drawings”.