«Сестру» Ольги Бузовой обвиняют в черном пиаре The girl from Moscow was attacked by detractors. Anastasiya Golovinova receives messages from people who think she’s trying to gain popularity in the Network due to its external similarity with Buzova.

    «Сестру» Ольги Бузовой обвиняют в черном пиаре
    «Сестру» Ольги Бузовой обвиняют в черном пиаре

    Anastasiya Golovinova, 30-year-old Muscovite, last year and a half often hears about similar to a leading “House-2” Olga Buzova. But two weeks ago, a photo of her posted a few fan pages of the show and the girl attacked in direct Nastia fell hundreds of messages, including that she deliberately imitates Buzova.

    “I write what I paid for that I was compared to Olga, – says Nastya “StarHit”. – And when I say that not much want to be like, snap – say, first get her, and then Express their opinion. At first, the statement that we Buzova one person annoyed me, but then I started to respond to them safely. To Ola I, too, am neutral, the only thing I do not like “House-2”, but… everyone chooses the work myself.

    Don’t think I’m a copy Buzova. Maybe in some angles the total is, but that’s no reason to say that we are like two drops of water. Husband is also a special resemblance not to notice. Besides, I hate that my personal photos go on the Internet. After all, fans of the show – people, to put it mildly, the statements do not hesitate. I could close the page, but what’s the point? They will still be added, and as I understand, they subscribe because they want me to read, or the fact that I “sister” Olga?

    My blog is read by almost 90 thousand people. And of these, only 10 thousand were added in the last two weeks, the rest of the read me and before I became a “double” leading telestroke. Actively followit I started a year ago, when I had my daughter Alice and the page became “mom’s”: I started to publish tips on how to eat and exercise to lose weight after childbirth”.