Тренер Татьяна Тарасова попала в больницу из-за Алексея Ягудина On the eve of the anniversary of the famous figure skater and mentor “StarHit” talked to her wards. Alexei Yagudin remembered how he worked with Tatiana Tarasova, and confessed, what a surprise athletes preparing for the birthday coach.

      Тренер Татьяна Тарасова попала в больницу из-за Алексея Ягудина

      Father, hockey player Anatoly Tarasov, taught Tatiana to skate in five years. He could not imagine, how many world Champions and winners of the Olympics will raise his daughter. Among them Irina Rodnina, Ilia Kulik, Natalia Bestemianova. One of the brightest students was Alexei Yagudin. “When I came to Alex, he’s so fat he was! – remembers Tatyana. – Ate everything! Him a basin Olivier bring in, come in five minutes, don’t have it already”. On the eve of the anniversary of the beloved coach – February 13, Tarasova will be 70 years Alex told me how she fed the coaching staff.

      “I met with Tatiana Anatolievna in the mid-90s, when he began to travel to international tournaments, – says Alexei Yagudin “StarHit”. – She was coached by Ilia Kulik, and I was friends with him. My mentor at that time was Alexei Mishin. For several years I watched Tatiana Anatolievna, understand what it is the professional, and when it’s time to change the coach, already know who they want to work. First, we talked to her on the phone. And the first joint exercise took place in Italy in the summer of 1998. Tarasova organized in the mountains of the camp where they prepared for performances in the Italian a couple of athletes. Remember, he was very nervous, because I didn’t understand how the rest of the fellowship. In addition, from the very first rehearsal on the ice it became clear that the terminology is different – we worked in different types of figure skating: I’m a skater, Tarasova mostly worked with greenhouses and dance duets…

      …Tatiana began with the phrase: “Lesh, let’s go Jogging in one direction and a couple of laps in the other. Finish, come to me.” “Jogging” is a term from dancing on ice, skating it sounds different – “rush”. I did not understand, standing in disbelief and trying to find their way. “What’s up? asked the coach like we worked with her for many years. – As you said, go cross-country. Go!” I decided to ask again: “Tatiana, dashes?” And she so calmly-calmly replies: “Their dashes’re going you know where, and now cross-country”.
      Тренер Татьяна Тарасова попала в больницу из-за Алексея Ягудина

      Then I realized – it works out nicely. It felt hard and the master’s voice, and humor. I myself love to joke. I think that is so easy to live. At the end of the day Tatyana wonderfully varied – from a tough coach turned into a soft and caring mother, loving their children – athletes. She loved to cook and treated all around. I still remember her Olivier. So it was that we Tarasova was trained in America. Unlike Russia, the shortage of food was not there. And if something happens, then coach things. When I came to training late Tarasova, I always knew in the arena it already or not. Guess it’s persistent smell of a perfume Angel who she loved.

      Sometimes the training process was exhausting. And when Tatiana saw that the forces at the end, loving her, saying: “Alexis, my son! What wilted? Tired? Well, come here. I’ll rock you, soothe”. Of course, the pen I went.

      In 1999, I won five tournaments in a row. Despite the achievements, it was very hard. The load is enormous. And after the final competition, I went to the locker room, took off his skates and changed. He breathed out, collected his thoughts. Go out and in the corridor met Tatiana Tarasova. She smiles and says her signature: “Alexis, my son! Come to me…” Well, I thought since many times heard this phrase, then why not.

      Jumped into the open arms of Tatiana and hung on it with all his seventy two kilograms. Thank God, without skates was, although plus-minus of 2-3 kg will not play the role. She only managed to make the surprised eyes and uttered the sound “uh-uh” under the weight of my weight. Then I jumped, we laughed, exchanged a few words and went about his business.

      And the next day the coach was taken to a hospital and pulled back. Alexis’re not a little more on the handle it not me. Soon I will have a reason again to hug Tatiana Anatolievna. Its the anniversary of Ilya Averbukh is preparing three big gala concert in the concert hall “Rossia” at “Luzhniki”, which will be held 17-18 February. And I had the privilege not only to speak but also to conduct these activities. Ilya will gather all who continue to love Tarasova, respects her talent and once again want to say a huge thank you, because she brought not one medal to our country.”