Татьяна Навка показала семейную идиллию
The skater has shared a touching photo.

Dmitry Peskov daughter — Hope

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Tatiana Navka has published in his microblog a rare family shot. On it the head of the family — Dmitry Peskov was captured together with my two — year old daughter, Hope. The result is an incredibly touching: a little daughter pair is already striving to help their parents. Tatiana took a picture of her beloved husband and daughter for their joint occupation — cleaning of the infield from the snow.

“Sunday is not sitting idle! Dad’s helper!” — signed photo of Navka.

For street work, the baby, ironically, chose the big shovel. Subscribers Tatiana said that Hope, in spite of his young age, remarkably hard-working. “What a clever, hardworking mom!”, “All parents know what work! So grow up man”, “the Golden child! What an amazing girl,” wrote Tatiana.

By the way, fans are unable to ignore the stylish appearance of the husband of Tatiana. His signature red pants and boots caused a strong reaction of Internet users.