Бейонсе хотела прибегнуть к суррогатному материнству
The pregnant singer was a huge surprise for her.

Beyonce with daughter blue ivy

Photo: Instagram.com

admitted Beyonce, who recently announced that it will soon become a mother of twins, very
not long before she got pregnant, was on the verge of despair. The fact is,
despite the long and painful treatment and repeated “grafting”, for all its
attempts to have another child for several years were unsuccessful.
It has already started to look for a surrogate mother who would bear her child.
And in an extreme case, was prepared to resort to adoption. This was announced
the edition of US Weekly.

Beyonce and her
spouse Jay-Z, who married in 2008-m to year, and from the beginning dreamed of
a large family. However, it took four years before the singer could give birth
their first child — blue ivy. As admitted the singer after the appearance of
the girls at light, about a year before her birth, the singer experienced a real drama
– lost a baby at already pretty late. “Everything was going well, and once,
when I came in for a regular visit, the doctor told me that the baby’s heart more
not beating…” said Beyonce in one
of his interviews.

after the birth of blue ivy plan Beyonce and her husband the expansion of the family
quite a long time did not come. After unsuccessful attempts to conceive
naturally, the couple decided to resort to IVF. However, the singer went through
a number of procedures ended in failure. She was pregnant, but couldn’t stand
the fruit… And that’s when Beyonce was ready to abandon the intention to give birth to itself,
she suddenly felt that she was “in position”. Moreover, as reported by her
the doctor, her family will soon be replenished with not one but two children! Now
the singer with excitement and looking forward to when her twins will be born.