The illness of his son made Olga Romanov drastically change plans

Болезнь сына заставила Ольгу Романовскую резко сменить планы A woman reported that a 9-year-old heir she had to spend the whole evening in the hotel room. Currently, the singer is resting with family in Italy. The artist is having fun and tries every day to go out. However, children soloist of the Queens does not always present a pleasant surprise.

      Olga Romanov complained to the subscribers to his son Maxim. She said that wanted to spend a day in the company of friends at one of the local establishments. To the disappointment of the singer, she had to put everything aside and deal with the health of the boy. It turned out that during the absence of Romanov in the room at Maxim decided to experiment with my brother and to eat on a dare lemon. The consequences of this childish prank was not long in coming.

      Obviously, Olga decided to swear to the heir, said that parents should be closer to the offspring. After all, every minute they want to do. As a result, it can spoil all plans.

      “I’m not going to point fingers, but someone last night with their “mom, my stomach hurts” he covered my dancing with a copper basin. Lemon it yesterday on the dispute with his brother ate! If you have plans for the evening, ask your children to refrain from such disputes”, – explained the situation to Olga.

      The woman placed a photo op for 9-year-old son, which became the subject of discussion not only because of the reckless behavior of the boy. Podpischiki it was nice that the woman posted such a touching family scenes.

      By the way, Olga has stayed in Milan one of the most expensive hotels in the city. The hotel is located in the historical centre opposite the famous Cathedral Duomo. The woman had already managed to share with the followers the view from the room. Despite the joy of being in Italy, a woman way or another, have to cope with parental responsibilities. Apparently, the singer could not leave the son with a sick stomach and go have fun.

      “I guess the boy just didn’t want mother leaving”, “What are you pretty little accidents, of course”, “you naughty boy, mother all plans are spoiled. But the house stayed together”, “You are so similar to each other, and the child is better not to swear,” – expressed the opinion followers.

      During the trip, mother and son do a lot of walking and playing Board games. Fans have noted that children sometimes it is difficult to sit in a hotel room, so they need to control. Obviously, the prank of the heir to the star didn’t ruin her spirit and will not interfere with interest to spend your remaining vacation days.