Младшая наследница Татьяны Навки растет ее копией Nadya Peskova is very similar to the mother. Tatiana Navka showed in his new picture with the baby. Subscribers women said that Nadia is very grown up. In August, the daughter of a skater she was two years old. On this occasion her famous mom organized a colorful celebration.

      Tatiana Navka celebrated in August, the birthday of the youngest daughter Nadya. For children was organized a noisy feast that came star friends of their family. For the baby put on a show, in which took part dressed as fairytale characters animators. Guests danced to the well-known children’s songs, watched a bubble show, chemical show and had fun on paper disco. Tatiana Navka together close friends for a Grand celebration

      “To the little birthday girl came all the favourite characters from different fairy tales, and the entertainment and costumes were at such a high level that even the adult guests were thrilled!”, – told the Post in a microblog.

      One of the new frames skater showed the grown daughter Nadia. Girl and mother looking at birthday cake, which beat the fireworks. The birthday girl is wearing a sash that says “Princess”. Members of the athletes noted that the successor of the grooves are very grown up.

      “What a funny little girl you have”, “my mom’s copy!”, “It’s really cute!”, – said users of the social network.

      Nadia, in their two years largely takes the example of a famous mom. Tatyana allow the girl to paint her nails, and even takes her to fashionable beauty. This summer, the skater went to Sochi with her because all season she danced in a production of “Carmen.” Nadia learns to swim and dive, and the mother is trying to come up with new interesting things. Tatiana Navka’s daughter came up with original entertainment

      According to Tatyana, she had experienced after the birth of the youngest daughter, the eldest heir, Alexander, will be jealous of the parents to the little girl. However, Sasha Zhulin and Nadia quickly got along with each other.

      “Oh, it is love. Nadia just thrilled when he sees Sasha. She runs to her room – their room-bedrooms are near to knocking her. I think Nadia actually loves everybody. Sasha was 14 years old when Nadia was born. A difficult age. Of course, she was afraid, of course, did not understand how it goes – it used to be for me only one on the entire planet. But when sister was born, everything was decided by itself – nadyusha us so much happiness brought! Well, it’s impossible not to love, she is a very bright, kind, Sunny – I like my Sasha”, he told the Post in an interview.