Александр Задойнов накачал тело для поиска избранницы The main bachelor “House-2” preparing for the hot season. On the island in the Indian ocean, in the famous telestroke, launched a new show in which Alexander Zadoinov will choose the girl of his dreams.

      Alexander Zadoinov recovered from the trauma that he suffered due to the rupture of relations with Elina Kamiren. Party “House-2” decided just to start life with a clean slate and build a new love under the gun cameras. The experience in this business he already has.

      A native of Yaroslavl and another member is already waiting in the Seychelles the start of the show “Dom-2. The island of love”. In a heavenly corner of the Earth will go from 12 girls who dream of mutual feelings. The fairer sex will fight for guys ‘ attention.

      In order to be fully prepared Zadoinov actively spends time in the gym. Alexander shakes his muscles, and his body every day becomes more and more brutal. The former civilian spouse Elina Kamiren already looks like a simple guy, who tried to win the heart of a sultry blonde “House-2”.

      Subscribers will Alexander noticed that he looks very handsome new look. However, they condemned the man for what he saved the family and rarely sees his daughter. It is worth noting that a candid interview with Elina Kamiren “StarHit” caused a great public resonance, which does not subside until now. Ex-member of telestroke said that Zadoinov left her.

      Elina Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone, “He just left”

      “I decided for myself: as man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child. It’s a shame that before Sasha was excited, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. I have the opposite: to hear about it did not want, and found out that you’re expecting, just went crazy with happiness, crying, realized that madly in love. Back in December we wanted to sign, but even then it was only for the sake of my daughter,” admitted Kamiren.

      Now Elina is also trying to arrange his life as Alexander. It also can not completely say goodbye to the “House-2”. According to rumors, the former star of telestroke received a tempting job offer. Allegedly, the project management considers the woman as leading the live broadcast, which will be shown to viewers in one of the weekdays.