Leading “House-2” Kate Susan showed rounded belly

Ведущая «Дома-2» Катя Жужа показала округлившийся живот Star accepts congratulations with the pregnancy. Kate Susan just returned from a romantic trip to the Dominican Republic, where she enjoyed the solitude of freshly baked husband.

      The other day Kate Susan and her husband Oleg Vinnik returned to Moscow from the Dominican Republic. The couple had a good time in an exotic country. The arrival of the news presenter “House-2” decided to make his fans a surprise.

      Husband of Katie Zsuzsa robbed

      The star was intrigued by a photograph with a large rounded belly, which happens only in pregnant women. Looking at the slender figure of Zsuzsa, none of its followers and it never occurred that it could have been to inflate the abdominal cavity.

      Katya began to congratulate with the upcoming replenishment in the family. Surprising her fans don’t see. The star recently married, so, the couple decided not to delay the progeny. However, the reality was not so. Realizing that the joke went too far, Susan has published on his page on “Instagram” as a rebuttal video, in which you can see her manipulation of the stomach.

      “Oh, God, how much I received congratulations in the morning. I was even so happy birthday not congratulated. I said I just bloated. “All inclusive” – all the same thing. Good day to all. Today diet”, lived up to the star.

      By the way, when the team’s undisputed leading “House-2” appeared Juja, fans of the show began to discuss on what grounds she joined Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina. Many people know that the girl is a close friend of leading.

      However, Kate was quick to refute the view that to get on TV helped her Xenia. “I do not doubt that it will be to write,” said Susan. We are friends with Ksenia for ten years and, naturally, the first thought of ill-wishers, the well – known friend sends Juju! In addition to me for an audition came other Kusini friend, for example, Karina Petrosian Katia Zatsepina. I wonder why then Borodin didn’t jam all the rest?!”

      We will remind, the block of news telestroke doing Nadezhda Ermakova and Rustam Kalganov. Former members of the now the staff of “House-2” was chosen from dozens of candidates for the vacancy a leading it Kate Juju. The fact that many fans of the reality show are familiar with this name, besides the girl has nearly a million followers on Instagram.