Younger heiress Alena Khmelnytsky preparing for marriage

Младшая наследница Алены Хмельницкой готовится к замужеству The actress told about her first passion charming Ksenia is doing the same thing. According to Alena Hmelnitsky, her daughter has everything planned for the years ahead, and the girl already knows when you get married. Elect Ksenia has a small header, the son of actor and host of Ville Haapasalo.

      Младшая наследница Алены Хмельницкой готовится к замужеству

      Actress Alena Khmelnytsky is a happy mother of two adorable daughters. The eldest heiress of the artist Alexander graduates this year from University and think about what will happen next. According to Alena, the girl is going through because of the uncertainty. “The main question is how the rest of the work. Where you will be able to do their work in Russia, America, England — not so important,” says the star. But the youngest child Khmelnytskyi, on the contrary, confident in its future. Six-year-old Ksenia already knows that marrying a childhood friend. Alyona told about this in a recent interview.

      “Now Sasha go to school. As for his personal life, that she’s OK, but she is not building a serious plans. But Xenia had all been programmed for years to come! The groom she has almost from birth — the best friend of the header, the son of Ville Haapasalo and Tina barkalaya. And it from time to time asks: “When are we going to get married with Sandro?” He told her that he would marry at twenty-four. I don’t know why,” shared the actress.
      Младшая наследница Алены Хмельницкой готовится к замужеству

      Reporters also asked Alena, whether useful life lessons her daughters. According to the actress, the eldest heiress sachet parenting tips can be helpful, although she always was very Mature. Already at the age of fifteen she realized that she wants to do directing. To attend new York University, Sasha had to get a degree in one of the foreign schools. So she went to England, having passed the external examinations in Moscow. Alena admires the tenacity and diligence of a loved one.

      Recall that the daughter of Khmelnitsky were born in marriage of a famous actress with film Director Tigran Keosayan. In 2014, it became known that striking the couple broke up. Fans of celebrities could not believe what happened. Nevertheless, Khmelnytsky and Keeanu managed to break up without recriminations and mutual resentment. Ex-spouses were able to act like adults and have maintained friendly relations. A few years later after a divorce she has claimed that such a happy coincidence.

      In October last year, the actress appeared in public with new lover — businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny. The actress confirmed their relationship with the businessman, but underlined that he didn’t want to force things and make loud statements about it.

      Alena Khmelnitskaya met a new love

      Note also that in a recent interview Khmelnytsky did not share details of his personal life. Instead, Alyona noted that the opinion of a man is not for her decisive. “There may be compliments, and criticism. But whatever others said, I kept to myself, know much better”, — quotes the woman magazine “Caravan of stories”.