Lady Gaga has found a replacement for former fiance

Леди Гага нашла замену бывшему жениху For the opportunity to meet with the singer and her agent broke up with another client, not so rich and famous. Entourage star feared that she might become a victim of an ordinary hunter’s famous wife. Lady Gaga herself about the seriousness of the new relationship is not yet covered.

      Леди Гага нашла замену бывшему жениху

      New steam officially made its debut on the eve of Valentine’s Day at a party after the award “Grammy”. 29-year-old singer appeared in a Los Angeles Yacht Club on the arm of the 48-year-old Christian Carino, which represents its interests in a prestigious Agency, mediating between representatives of creative professions and their employers.

      In the client list. karino includes Justin Bieber, amber heard and Jennifer Lopez. Visitors of a party easily guessed that the Christian accepts the work of Lady Gaga is much closer to the heart than prescribe his duties. No one saw that it was enough for the knees of Justin Bieber, but in the case of Gaga, it became obvious that the line between official and personal relationships is erased without a trace. “They perched in the corner of the bar and took care Nof at all”, – eyewitnesses told.

      Walk the line

      Rumors about the new novel of the singer went out in late January, when she and Christian tried to slip in the middle of a crowd of concert-goers rock group Kings of Leon. And in February, the couple announced in Houston at the final of the American football championship, where the singer was to entertain the audience during the break. This time Lady Gaga has invited the world to witness personal happiness, making a selfie with Christian in the middle of the field. While she was looking for a good angle, he put his hand on her waist and pressed her lips to his cheek. Gaga responded to this insubordination satisfied smile.

      Houston lovebirds waved to Venice beach to show the new collection of Tommy Hilfiger. Lady Gaga spent the whole show sideways, because perched on the chair behind her. karino flatly refused to release her hand from his.

      It was all very touching, if not one circumstance. The singer for more than six months free of romantic obligations, but Christian recently lavished the same attentions 34-year-old star of the TV series “the Walking dead” Lauren Cohen. How long was a Roman Christian and Lauren, no one knows. You know that Christmas of 2015. karino met her family.

      “We had a party of sincerity – shared the actress. – Each expressed his worries or anger in others. Was an unexpected confession, tears, hugs. I’m glad that a loved one so close to know my family, and grateful for our amazing normal relations”.

      Until about the middle of last year, fans of “the Walking dead” from time to time ran into Lauren and her boyfriend in various sporting events. Sitting with her in the stands, Christian gently squeezed her hand from the starting whistle to the final.


      We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the collapse of the “surprisingly normal relations” coincided with the breakup of another couple. In July, Lady Gaga broke off the engagement with actor Taylor Kinney, as her agent, of course, learned one of the first. However, then the singer claimed that their Taylor love is just paused.

      “He has been my closest friend, said Lady Gaga in October. – I have dedicated our novel a few songs from the new album, Joanne. Now maybe it sounds silly, but we’re for each other only.”

      The very next day she had to blush for his statement. It turned out that Taylor decided not to get involved with Swan fidelity and easily replaced star bride an ordinary nurse. The choice of the actor was the 26-year-old Alanna Di Giovanni, which he then managed to keep the race “Formula 1”, Taylor swift concert and a tour of the set of his TV series “Chicago fire.”

      Realizing that a reunion of the singer with her fiance canceled for good, Christian quickly framed Gaga strong man’s shoulder. Perhaps her favorable reaction, just a way to show Taylor Kinney, he’s not one so fast. Her friends hope that Gaga is really happy, but adequately assesses the situation and not become a victim of hunter’s famous wife.