Молодая мама Юлия Снигирь раскрыла секреты красоты
The actress shared her young feminine wiles.

Молодая мама Юлия Снигирь раскрыла секреты красоты

Yuliya Snigir

Photo: @jsnigir Instagram Yulia Snigir

Yuliya Snigir, who
just four months ago became a first time mom, recently surprised his
fans the without makeup. 33-year-old actress, despite the sleepless nights
carried out with a small child, looks fresh and young. Later Snigir revealed
the secrets of her beauty, sharing with subscribers about cosmetic
products that actively use.

The most honorable place in
beautician Julia is the oil — coconut and cocoa. In addition in the Arsenal
the actress has tools to combat the “belly fat”, sprays to protect hair from negative influences and special handmade tiles for shower,
which makes her a friend. By the way, many fans noted that becoming a mom Snigir began to look not worse and even better than before pregnancy.In

Yuliya Snigir

Photo: Instagram.com

We will remind that the son of Julia and Eugene Tsyganov was born in one of the capital’s most prestigious clinics. The boy decided to call Fedor. Incidentally, Snigir decided not to stay long on maternity leave and three weeks after birth was first published. The son this time stayed at home with dad, who has huge experience in caring for babies. For Tsyganov has seven other children from a previous marriage. Incidentally, despite being very busy, the actor tries to pay attention to Frank. So, last month Eugene went to the shooting in Pskov, and for a long time not to be parted with Julia and the baby, took them with him.In

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