Евгений Цыганов живет на две семьи The actor has to work a lot to help ex-wife Irina Leonova with the upbringing of seven children and to ensure that Yulia Snigir, which several months ago gave birth to the star of the “Thaw” of the son.

      Евгений Цыганов живет на две семьи

      The news that the star of the Thaw left a pregnant seventh child of the civil wife Irina Leonov, a year ago left everyone in shock. The actress was left alone: without the support of parents – they live in Tallinn and work. Tsyganov then long concealed new beloved Yulia Snigir – in March, she gave him a son, Theodore. To feed two families, the actor has a lot to do. On 8 August, the TNT channel will premiere the new series “the Crisis of tender age” by Yevgeny Tsyganov in the title role.

      Native Tsyganov turned away from him because of the baby Snigir

      Army of sweet tooth

      At the entrance of the apartment building on Leninsky Prospekt neatly parked black Hyundai. “And who the mother will help?” – with these words from the car goes to actress Irina Leonova, and with rear seats out at the lawn joyous children Tsyganova. Mom cooked an individual task for every kid. 10-year-old Nikita goes to convey to the porch two pack, 6-year-old Andrew – liter water bottle, 2-year-old George – a pack of chocolate biscuits. Closing all doors and Windows machine and turning on the alarm, Irina was taking the kids home. In her hands the heavy bag of food and 10-month-old daughter Faith. Baby is sleeping easy to carry.

      The actress is a frequent visitor at your local grocery store “Magnolia.” “Stardom Leonova no, we have it takes only the most necessary, share the cashiers. – Do not miss promotions and discounts on goods. Recently bought it on special offer barley and corn grits, sausage, sausage, beef pate, cream cheese, sour cream. She helps the older children Nikita and Pauline, they always try to take the filled basket”.

      Of a close-knit family Leonova know all the tenants. In the near stall of the boys army called the sweet tooth. Irina never talked about the fact that she’s an actress, ” says the ice – cream vendor. – Maybe as many as three times per day come for a favorite food of kids.” The everyday life of the artist is not only a place for shopping and raising kids. Leonova doesn’t forget to take care of themselves, visit a hairdresser – however, economy class, five minutes walk from the house. The actress has a master.

      “Irina’s haircut costs 500 rubles, children well – from 300 to 400. She’s always in a good mood, dressed very simply: low-key jacket, skirt. But always with taste,” recalls the employee lounge Eugene.
      Евгений Цыганов живет на две семьи

      By the way, after the seventh birth she was back in shape in a matter of months and immediately came out of the decree to work in a Small theatre. Now actively rehearsing the new play “King Lear”. Helps to look after the children actress recently hired a young nanny. Senior it accompanies to school for summer classes and the youngest in kindergarten. The father Yevgeny Tsyganov also tries whenever possible to participate in education – however, it happens not as often as guys would like.

      “Papa has arrived!” – the cheers echo across the porch. The noise and screeching little Ciganovich not be confused with anything else. They rush to Eugene on the neck from the doorway. Always hugs and kiss, especially the older sons. This sentimental ritual is frequently seen by neighbors on the landing.

      “Eugene is coming to visit your old family once in a week and a half,” says the neighbor, Irina Alexander. – Immediately sent children out on the street. In the courtyard of the small swings on the swings or catching them with slides. Instills a love of sports: Cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding. For success encourages marmalade”.

      The fact that the family broke up, still shock for the residents. “Eugene the impression of a decent father – continues Alexander. – We often see him with sweet gifts: marshmallow, walnut-chocolate paste, Patriotic candy in bulk. And the actor selects useful gifts. “We Tsyganov bought “a Great reader for students,” and Junior books with bright illustrations for “the Wizard of oz”, “cat house”, “Teach your baby to read”, says the salesman of the bookstore “Labyrinth”. Eugene often taking the kids outside the yard. And when the time comes to say goodbye, the kids did not unstuck from his father. I understand that he goes to a new family.

      In the world

      Tsyganov and Snigir rent an apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, together raising four-month-old son, Theodore. “Julia with a little help from my mom – says”StarHit” aunt actress Taisiya Sirisena. – Native in Donskoy in the Tula region it was not for several years. Julia’s father is also now in Moscow. The parents rent an apartment. At first his father did not approve of the Union of her daughter with only a few pieces, but recently, as far as I know, still took it – they communicate”. Especially for her granddaughter missing her grandparents – Lyudmila and Viktor, they still live in the don. “Grandson we have never seen, and yet so forward, – said the old men with “StarHit”. – Brother of Julia, Sasha, came, showed us his photo – like Tsyganov, of course, and smile vnuchkin”.

      Fight Evgeny Tsyganov received an unexpected response

      Roma tries to help Snigir. The pharmacy next to the house saw a couple with four-month-old Theodore, they often come with diapers. “Julia sat on a bench and held the baby over him, he was shaking his legs like he was walking on air, and the father at this time was shopping,” recalls the resident of the house. Incidentally, Julia and Eugene inseparable not only at home but also on the set. Snigir came to him along with a son in Pskov – there is work on the film “Sophia”, where Tsyganov plays the Moscow Prince Ivan III. And in late summer the pair begin shooting in a criminal melodrama “Blockbuster”, which will be released next year.

      Evgeniy Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir and first appeared together in public

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