Елена Исинбаева показала фигуру после родов
Athlete quickly returned to form.

Photo: Instagram

Yelena Isinbayeva for the second time became a mother a month and a half ago. The son of the athletes came to light in Monaco, where Elena deliberately left to give birth. Once a gymnast always lived in Europe, but now, when its main activity is not due to taxes and competition, and with public and charitable activities, she moved to Moscow. But, since Russia is still very cold, it was decided that the baby is their first months after birth will be in Sunny Monaco.

Isinbayeva has not ceased to exercise even in the last stages of pregnancy. With a huge belly, she came to the gym and tried to do the minimum of exercise. Of course, without compromising the health, of your child. No strength training, only cardio!

“Pregnancy is not a disease! was all she said. Can be a bit the bike and twist. This will help me to quickly come in shape after childbirth”.

Apparently, it just happened. Elena posted a photo in full growth after his trip to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Monaco. Isinbayeva has chosen for this important event modest white dress. And, though the hem of his loose, still it is evident that the gymnast is in great shape!

By the way, is still Elena didn’t focus that is in Monaco. In its publications, the Instagram she did not put a geotag, so popular among the users of social networks. And only now, photographed against the Orthodox Cathedral in Monaco, she confirmed where she was.