Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэмы свели соседей с ума
Residents Costwolds going to sue celebrities.

Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэмы свели соседей с ума

Victoria and David Beckham


Construction work on the estate,
owned by 43-year-old Victoria Beckham and her
wife of David, brought the inhabitants of the surrounding mansions to despair. “Try
to relax in such conditions — all the same what to try to doze off under the roar
artillery fire…” — said one of the neighbors. Moreover, the noise on the plot
Bekhemov does not stop for more
a year and a half!

It all started in December of 2016
The Beckhams bought here for 6 million
pounds a parcel of land with
standing on the three buildings. Then the couple got up, leaving these
buildings only the walls to turn them into one large mansion, combining different
part with glass corridors. It was planned to build a house where
it would be six bedrooms and around the house
smash the picturesque garden.

After receiving permission from the local architectural
management restructuring (because the buildings were old and protected, and bear
them completely was impossible), they ordered the beginning of works. But last summer Victoria ordered
stop “building”. Spouse David said, she suddenly realized that her much not
satisfied. The main stumbling block was the roof — Victoria
I liked the look and color, and she was ordered to dismantle it. Then she decided
he wants to change the location of five doors and replace 36 Windows. Victoria
also wished that the house was demolished and moved to another location stone
stairs and swimming pool. Then had to create a new project for the upcoming changes and
to re-approve it…

Now work on site
estates of the spouses reached the outer works of the construction of the pool and building in the open garden pavilion gazebo.
But the patience of the neighbours of the Beckhams, including many wealthy and famous
people, has dried up. So now they are collecting signatures to apply
collective petition to the court.

House in Costwolds