Елена Исинбаева подала иск в Федеральный суд Швейцарии

She just will not leave! Two-time Olympic champion in pole vaulting Yelena Isinbayeva and Sprinter Sergey Shubenkov continue to fight for the truth even after the international athletics Federation did not allow the Russian Federation national team to the Olympics in 2016. Athletes patriots filed a lawsuit in the Federal court of Switzerland, realizing even that they do not have time to go on passing in Rio-de-Janeiro Olympic Games. Now win a case in court became a matter of principle.

“I understand that the timing of the filing and consideration of the case is quite long, and by the time our athletes will not have time to speak, but it is only my opinion,” said Dmitry shlyahtin, occupying the post of head of the all-Russian athletics Federation.
Assume that the example of Elena and Sergey will be followed by their other colleagues, which, in their opinion, unfairly barred from participating in the Olympic Games.

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