Муж Софьи Великой нянчил сына, пока она боролась за золото в Рио

The winner of loud names and the huge number of titles on the European and world Championships in the saber never won at the Olympics. So the Games in Brazil was fundamental. But to win once again failed. In the final, in a tense struggle Sonia lost to Russian Yana, egorian. But few know that the Great competition began long before Rio and with myself…

20 Nov 2013 Sophia gave birth to his wife, Olympic wrestling champion Alexey Mishin, the son of Oleg. And in the spring of next year started training. And in June 2014 took gold in the team competition at the European Championships

Муж Софьи Великой нянчил сына, пока она боролась за золото в Рио
Муж Софьи Великой нянчил сына, пока она боролась за золото в РиоSophia with her husband, wrestler Alexei Mishin

— Initially, before me there was such task: to give birth and immediately return to the sport. Simply so there were circumstances that trial and error came to this decision. Now I understand that it was right, ” admitted Sophia.

The first season after his son’s birth was very difficult. But in 2015, the Great won almost all competitions in which participated, and became an athlete of the year in Russia.

— Up to nine months son has always been with me, ” said the website stolica-s.su Great. — Olezhka drove in all competitions, including foreign ones. On winning the European Championships 2014 in Strasbourg, France, the baby was also with me. Only in 2015 I began to leave her son with her parents.

It was difficult to tell Sophia that she after the child’s birth was at home – says “Antenna” Alex. — Her character is not very soft. If she saw an opportunity to return to the sport, earn more medals, money, not to persuade. It was better to remain silent, which I did. At the moment Oleg I am, there was a five-day break. Took, so to speak, the responsibility on yourself: get out and play. The grandmother was not coping with her grandson. He’s two years eight months, and he is very active. Want to compete, and to play some ball, and climbing all the stairs. If there are children on the Playground at least 10 minutes can sit on a bench to rest. Otherwise can drive you crazy. I myself with him so get out that day, go to bed with my son because I know when he wakes up, will continue their activites. You may give it to the section that he’s splashed his irrepressible energy. And about Sophia… let’s See what will happen next, whether her decision is correct or not…

The result is silver medal. Jan and Sophia started the tournament quietly, without emotion, but by the end of the match, when the points were virtually identical, including emotions. 22-year-old Ian egorian literally snatched victory from Sony. And burst into tears of happiness.

Great now 31. Basically, if she wants, maybe in four years to compete for Olympic gold.

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