Екатерина Варнава не смогла утаить информацию о помолвке The secret presenter revealed her colleague. Anna Sedokova, in the clip where Catherine Barnabas and Constantine Myakinkov took part, told that the lovers are the bride and groom.

      Anna Sedokova unwittingly revealed the secret of his friend Catherine Barnabas. Fans knew that the ex-member Comedy woman and her boyfriend Constantine Myakinkova tie a serious relationship. However, until now it was unknown whether the couple go to the Registrar.

      On his page in Instagram Sedokova has announced the premiere of the video for the new song “the universe”, and at the same time and announced that the roller Barnabas and Myakinkov for the first time will appear in the role of the bride and groom.

      “Big crazy love Catherine Barnabas and Constantine Myakinkova in my music video “universe”. Thank You for what you and Bones for the first time she starred in the video as the bride and groom. Tomorrow everyone will see what you incredible together! I admire you!” – wrote Sedokova.

      However, the statement Anna was not at all upset Catherine. Looks like she was already ready to release information about the upcoming wedding. Despite the fact that any questions about a possible celebration the actress left no comment, Barnabas wrote a post back Sedokova.

      “Anya, I want so much to tell you. Do not write here, but personally… have said and will say tonight at the concert. Thank you that we have with the Bones you saw not just a few, and creative Union, and invited me. Thank you for the way you cleverly able to gather your friends in a single project and make something beautiful. Can’t wait to see the premiere of the song”, – said Sedokova Barnabas.

      Ekaterina Varnava has published a candid shot with your favorite

      She also praised the work of a friend. “The universe” is a mini – movie of a stunning, modern strong, smart women”, – she wrote. Actress and presenter looked forward to the premiere of the video in which she demonstrates a genuine passion with her partner.

      Earlier, Barnabas in conversations with journalists are quite skeptical about marriage. The celebrity was convinced that family life must be approached very responsibly. She always said that he is going to marry once and forever, as her parents, who live together for almost 40 years. That is why Catherine was in no hurry to put the stamp in the passport, but only enjoyed a romantic relationship with Constantine.