Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки» On the eve of the protests in Russia, the star gave an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. The singer told about the happiness of motherhood, work together with the beloved man and the surprises that she made public after the release of the new album.

      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»

      The famous British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor for the first time will take part in a theatre production show “favorites of the moon. Kisses” famous “Leningrad Center.” On the eve of this momentous occasion, Mrs Bextor said “StarHit” about his new album Familia, explained why is so fond of Russia and has told about relations in his family.

      Sophie, September 30, you will be a guest star in the show “Favorites of the moon. Kiss.” Before you participated in the project were Carmen Electra. Have you watched her performance, learned something?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»I heard about this but didn’t see her performance. But it sounds very cool, will definitely look. —
      As far as I know, this is your first theatrical experience. And, in General, you want to participate, for example, in the musical?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»I often visit theatre and I love musicals, but that’s completely different than solo concerts. To musicals is another important approach that you need to devote a lot of time to do everything at a decent level. Maybe someday I’ll take it, but not now. —
      Why I have asked two of your latest album, incredibly musical, if they Refine and come up with a good story, you can create beautiful and interesting musical project? Not thought about it?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»You are right, when I write songs in my head they are formed in a common pattern, consisting of many scenes. For inspiration I always try to make an album that was like a soundtrack to some film-it creates a certain atmosphere and musical material is multi-layered. —
      Tell us what we will see on September 30 on the stage “Leningrad Center”?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»We with Director Felix Mikhailov came up with a lot of interesting pieces, which did not exist in the “Favorites of the moon” – this show must be special. I play the moon, which met the main character, and playing their own songs including their most famous songs –Murder on the dance floor, Get over you, Young blood.—
      A few days ago you released a new album Familia. How is it different from your previous works?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»Familia is a very warm album with a Sunny Latin American tunes. He takes you on a musical journey and carry your heart into the world of music. You’ll even be able to dance to it, as there’s a lot of disco and electro.

      The new album was recorded in ten days is a record. Did it quality?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»No, the quality is not affected. Most of the songs we recorded very quickly, as my band are very talented guys. Besides, deadlines make everyone play a lot better, because neither one of us wants to be the weak link in this chain. The album is comparable to the magic that words cannot describe.—
      In one interview you said: “I Feel that now I can do what I like”. Sooner, would it not?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»Actually, I think always tried to do what I like. I always wanted to work with one producer to be involved in the music process and not think about anything else. —
      At the photo shoot for the album you can’t miss your beautiful outfits in which slip designs. This is a tribute to our country?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»All I always say that you need to go to Russia and nothing to fear. You have a wonderful country, wonderful people and rich culture. Of course, I love Russia! And the new album is still more associated with South America, like these beautiful outfits. I specifically chose these costumes to show the elements of this culture that would be of interest to girls all over the world. —
      You often come to our country, visited many cities, and what is the funniest rumour about Russia have you heard?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»I can’t a specific hearing to remember, but what I am really amazed that you guys have not bothered to be negative heroes!
      There is a version that your previous album you wanted to not call Wanderlust, and Mother Russia (Mother Russia – approx. ed.). Is this true?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»It was the working title of one of the songs from the previous album, but I didn’t think to call the whole album, because it is not only about Russia, it is inspired by my trips to Eastern Europe in General.

      Two years ago you told me that the house can sit down at the piano and play a few pieces, but in public are afraid to do it. Then you said you work on yourself and maybe in a short time you will still play in public…
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»I’m still not as good as I would like. When the house no one sees, I can sit down at the instrument, but to perform to the public is not yet solved. But I practiced, and from time to time engaged with teachers. —
      Sophie, you have four children, and you look like 25 years! Tell us what your secret is?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»Oh, thank you! I have no secrets – it’s just good genes. But let’s talk about that when I will be well over 40, maybe you’ll have a different opinion about me! —
      Last year, you once again become a mother. And are you planning more children?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»I have not thought about it. But if everything goes to plan, I’ll be very happy!

      You once admitted that you are very fond of Russian tales. Do you read them to your heirs?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»Yes, of course. As a child I had a book of Russian fairy tales that I loved to read, there were stories about Baba Yaga, and your other stories…Now before bed some of them I read to my children.

      They already want to perform on stage like their famous mom?
      Софи Эллис-Бекстор: «Читаю своим малышам русские сказки»Like all children at this age, they have already started to show some creative talents: sing, draw, write… Yet I have no idea what they will become in life, but I would love to make music accompanied them through life. —
      Your husband is a famous English musician. I recently read that you’ll leave his career and will produce it to make the world a celebrity…
      Funny question! I never promoted the career of her husband, the more he copes without me. Of course, I like it when we perform together, but most importantly, that we have love is the most beautiful thing in the world.