Гастрономическая неделя в Москве

Don’t know where to go on Friday night or where to eat this weekend? Then this news is for you. The restaurant “Clouds” starts “gastronomy week”, where from September 30 to October 7, it will be possible to taste the dishes of Italian, Mexican, Turkish, Chinese, French and Thai cuisine.

Gastronomy week takes place in cooperation with a network of premium hotels “Rixos”, known around the world. The chief representative of the cuisine, Rixos, brand chef Recep Yuksel, author of several cookbooks and the winner of numerous culinary competitions, specially will arrive to Moscow to demonstrate to guests your skills.

The chef of the restaurant “Clouds” Denis Konev and brand-chef of “Rixos” Recep Yuksel have teamed up for the residents and guests a special set menu! The menu consists of six items, the recipes for which were collected from different parts of the world: Turkey, Italy, Mexico, China, France and Thailand. The cost of this set will be 4200 rubles, and it will be able to try anyone.

September 30, Friday 20:00 gala dinner, where both chef will present guests with new dishes. Red carpet, festive atmosphere, live music and compliments from chefs – this is an interesting gastronomic experience for any gourmet.

When: September 30th at 20:00

Gastronomy week will take place from 30 September to 7 October 2016.

Where: restaurant “Clouds”, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48, gallery “Vremena goda”, 5th floor, right wing