Елена Ваенга выходит замуж
The wedding singer will be held tomorrow afternoon in St. Petersburg.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Elena’s getting married. The chosen star became a musician
her group novel Sadyrbaev. The marriage of Roman and Helena will be held tomorrow in
one of the registry offices of St. Petersburg.

The relations of the bride and groom prefer not
to advertise, believing that happiness loves silence. However, hiding your emotions about what is happening Lena

“I know,” back in the day the singer wrote in his microblog. Very
the closest people know what’s happening. A girl’s condition. Life, of course,
sugar not the honey, but the moment she’s just incredibly cool!”

I wonder what the holiday will get double. Tomorrow Elena
to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his grandmother.

“I’ll cry tomorrow,” says Elena. — My grandmother
Nadezhda Georgievna the age of 90. Perhaps, after the birth of my son is the most
a significant event in my life. She lived. We survived. Now bow down
legs girls with the Herculean assistance in the preparation. Julia, Yulya, Mashulya, thank you!
So much love, care, attention and kindness. I felt native and close person.
Tomorrow we will celebrate our grandmother. Gifts ready. Waiting for tomorrow.
Ninety… again, I cry all the time. Who’s with me tomorrow, wait and hold.