Постройневшая Лариса Долина блеснула на детском празднике The actress has been admired by friends and colleagues. Larisa Dolina showed the result of losing weight at the ceremony dedicated to the fifth anniversary, the charming heiress of the family. Grandmother and granddaughter went on stage together.

      This week the family of Larisa Dolina celebrates. Beloved granddaughter of the Queen of jazz Alexander was five years old. The occasion it was decided to celebrate in a big circle of friends. The celebration came many colleagues of the actress and her daughter with their children. Among the guests was Anastasia Makeeva, who has published funny photos and videos from the event on the social network.

      So, in one of the photos the actress poses in the company of his friends Nachalova Julia and Larisa Dolina. Fans said that the grandmother of a five-year birthday girl looks stunning and her figure has changed markedly. “Adorable Larissa, how wonderful you look,” “Here is a diva, just beauty,” “Three birches” – wrote followers Anastasia.

      Interestingly, 61-year-old Larisa Dolina not just congratulated her granddaughter, but also prepared to the guests a pleasant surprise. Along with the birthday girl, the artiste performed a famous children’s song “OK”. And so it was that you could hear practically only Alexander, who sang very cleanly and loudly. And the famous grandma’s little haywire microphone, so her voice was not so loud.

      It is not excluded that the singer deliberately turned off his sound to support a young performer, his stage presence, while not darkening it. The children danced to a simple hit. The occasion was a success.

      By the way, at the festival Larisa indulge themselves to culinary delights, but in real life she adheres to a strict diet. To be in great shape, the actress eats right and plays sports.

      Recall, last fall the Valley shared with fans a bikini, which made the Network a real furor. The picture was taken in Sochi, during the filming of the program “with the dolphins” in which Larissa participated. Gorgeous, athletic body star struck by her fans. Larisa Dolina showed the result of weight loss

      “Beautiful woman! So attractive, so real”, “so frankly, You’re the perfection! You have no equal”, “the Class is an understatement, super class!” did not get tired of complimenting users of a Network. To the pleasant surprise of subscribers, the Valley answered them. “Thank you,” she wrote. Very, very nice!”