Yegor Konchalovsky longs for a son and young wife

Егор Кончаловский тоскует по сыну и молодой жене The Director dedicates favorite people touching message. Yegor Konchalovsky these may days spends away from sweetheart Mary Leonova and the little heir of Timur, who recently turned a month.

The famous Director Yegor Konchalovsky at the beginning of April for the second time became a father. Heir celebrity gave his young lover Maria Leonova. Lover Yegor Konchalovsky gave him a child

However, the young father long enjoyed fellowship with her little son Timur. These days of may Yegor Konchalovsky hold in Europe, where he combines his work and communication with her eldest daughter Mary who was born in a civil marriage of the Director and the actress Lyubov Tolkalina. In Europe Yegor Konchalovsky delivered military aircraft. “The military Board in Sochi, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava with the cadet ensemble and the Foundation for Culture of the Russian Federation… in Europe, which was liberated by Soviet soldiers,” – said in a microblog a few days ago, the Creator of the movie.

Konchalovsky tells in detail about each day of stay in Europe and how they spend time with my daughter. Addressed the video message of the Director’s most loved his people who remained to wait at home – the civil wife Maria and son Timur. Each video message from Yegor Konchalovsky completes a Declaration of love to Mary and heir.

“I love you and miss you,” says the young father.

In addition, the posts he publishes with the hashtag “Timur Mikhalkov” and “son.” Fans of Yegor Konchalovsky impressed with his attitude towards the family and the baby that he had to leave. “You’re such a caring and loving dad, nice to look at you!”, “If my husband had fun in Europe, and I would be at home with the baby, I would have him bald then eaten. Holy you have a wife, Yegor!”, “What does a man need for happiness? To anyone waiting”, “You are the world dad!”, “A loving dad. How cute is that,” the support of the Director of his followers.

We will remind that Egor Konchalovsky first told about his beloved in the program “the Secret to a million.” The Director admitted that he is happy in a new relationship. “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Named Mary, as a daughter. We met in court. She protected me, and that I liked,” said Konchalovsky. For some time he moved his lover in his large country house. Earlier, in January of this year, it became known that a few years ago Yegor Konchalovsky was separated from his wife Love Tolkalina. “We parted slowly, and further, and wanted a natural way to reach it, and then make a joint statement, easy, without any strain or tension, that we broke up. Now each of us, me and Lyuba, lives his personal life,” said activist cinema.