Holy memory: the stars spoke about the heroism of the native

Святая память: звезды рассказали о героизме родных Yana Rudkovskaya still lives with his grandmother, who took part in the great Patriotic war, Natalia Vodianova came from abroad to meet may 9 with a loved grandfather, Alsu naperechet know all the dates and facts from the biography of their relatives-veterans. “StarHit” decided to tell me about what you remember the stars of their grandfathers.
Святая память: звезды рассказали о героизме родных

The stars of show business revere the deeds of their ancestors who defended their homeland. In recent years a trend has emerged: may 9 celebrity post congratulatory posts about grandfathers in social networks. Entries are accompanied by photographs of the war years and contemporary images of the awards and medals of veterans. Artists and entertainers have expressed admiration for the resilience, courage and bravery of soldiers, by which the country won the great Patriotic war. Popular personality and encourage others to tell the stories of their families.

Danila Kozlovsky

Famous actor honors the memory of a loved one. Victory Day Daniel proudly puts in “Instagram” pictures of the grandparents and thanked them for their feat, which they have committed in the years of the great Patriotic war. And read family. Grandpa celebrity Ivan K. Kozlowski was a fighter pilot. Grandma Kozlovskaya, Elena Gavrilovna was his Navigator. A man and a woman met in the beginning of the great Patriotic war and held it together on the same crew.

“Fourteen military awards! A great holiday! Thank you veterans-winners for what we live! Low bow to You,” always emphasizes the number of medals Daniel, Recalling in an interview about grandparents.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya not hide how dearly he loves his ancestors. Grandma celebrity still lives with her. The pensioner does not see and does not walk. Caring granddaughter of thanks each day that can care for your relative. Syrova Maria Andreyevna 14 years working behind enemy lines. Every year on may 9 with tears in his eyes remembers that day and those overflowing the soul with emotions that engulfed her when it was announced the Victory of the Soviet people.

Jan likes to tell the social networks about the exploits of their forefathers. For example, on Twitter she wrote a story about the realities of war their relatives. Grandpa celebrity Cheeses Nicholas T. was the captain of the guard. Born in 1917, and when he turned 24 and went to protect the homeland.

“It was a war from the border of the Soviet Union (directly from the army went to the front ) to Moscow and from Moscow to Berlin ! In its Arsenal a lot of awards and medals, including the medal “For defense of Moscow”! Fought from first to last volley. He was wounded three times!” – says Yana Rudkovskaya.

Rose Sabitova

Popular TV presenter rose Sabitova, too, with respect for the heroism of their forefathers. Leading posts in social networks all the pictures of relatives that have survived in the family. She remembers the history of every person in your dynasty and wife.

“Congratulations, my dear! With the great Victory, which gave us the peaceful sky over your head! With all my heart I want to tell our veterans “Thank you!” Thanks for that now we live in the World, and all thanks to your courage and boldness. I wish You health, love and long life!” tirelessly Sabitova thanked all the veterans.

One grandfather leading Hafizan Khasanshina died at Khalkhin Gol. Two Sahibzada Zaripov and Nurgali Zaripov – have lived up to the light of day, which is celebrated on 9 may. Remembers with gratitude, rose Sabitova and father-in-law Anatoly Shaimardanovich. He went to the front almost a teenager. As pointed star, the exploits of the veterans will not be forgotten even after centuries.

Timur Rodrigez

A showman, proud of his family are the real heroes. It belongs to the veterans of Rodriguez as to the true patriots. From childhood he heard stories about veterans and know what courage.

“Thank you to everyone who understands what real love of country and beats his chest, screaming about patriotism, not knowing what actually it means!” – signed photo of his grandfather Timur.

One celebrity grandfather fought in two wars. First he fought for the country during the First world war. Siblings grandmother Rodriguez also defended the country during the great Patriotic war. Alive with of the front only one returned. Timur every year recalls the great deeds of their loved ones, whom he never even saw the Day of Victory believes a special occasion.


The singer knows about his beloved grandfather all. As if reading the textbook, she recreates in an interview the events of his ancestor, indicating dates and important events. The star honors the memory of relatives and thanks them for the Victory.

Salakhov Ishaq Salahovic served in the red Army from the autumn of 1940. In the artillery regiment, he was essential in the detachment of sappers and miners-sappers. When the Great Patriotic, Ishaq was in Lithuania. Then it was abandoned in Estonia. He was on the minefields of the Gulf of Finland, Leningrad, Staraya Russa. Remembers the celebrity soldiers have passed many kilometres of military roads.

In 1943 went to the war, the grandmother of the singer, Sokolova Nina Lazarevna. Then the young girl was only 17 years old, and she has become a civilian employee. Relative Alsu liberated the Crimea, Sevastopol, then moved to Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria. They caught her and the happiest day of objavio of the great Victory.


About your grandfather Lolita always says with pride. Defender of the Fatherland was in intelligence. Then he lived in the Ukraine. In an interview with a celebrity loves to reminisce about how her cousin defended their lions. Besides, the singer has always been proud of the fact that the man was incredibly competent for those times.

“My grandfather knew four foreign languages. I always wondered how he, with such talents working in the kiosk. After grandfather died my mom told me that in the beginning of the war was the turnout. When the Great Patriotic, kiosk burned” – shared in an interview with the singer with fragments of memories of the veteran.

For star 9 may generally the most favorite holiday. He is associated with childhood, when she, along with her beloved grandfather attended parades in Lviv. Many years have passed, and the singer still remembers watching, open-mouthed with admiration for those people that have been through the war and knew everything about her. To this day, the Palladium celebrates Victory Day and always encourages to appreciate the lack of explosions and deaths, and to thank our grandparents.

Julia Kovalchuk

The singer happily tells journalists about his great-grandfather Peter S. Succinea. A relative on the maternal side of the star was the driver during the war. He picked up the shells to the battle. Besides, he participated not only in the great Patriotic war. Victory day, he met in Prague, while his train was sent to the far East for participation in the Russo-Japanese war.

“As I told mom, he was a Joker, a funny guy, with bikes for all occasions. About it is often said that Vasily Terkin copied from him! The soldiers adored him, called valid], although the great-grandfather was then a little over 30.And after fighting for a winery for him its fame as a survivor. They then entered the liberated town, hungry after a hard battle, but the field kitchen was stuck somewhere in transit. Then grandfather remembered that, on entering the winery, saw mill, and immediately went there. They found a few bags of crackers, which fed the soldiers,” recalls the singer.

Star also likes to recall how in the dangerous time of war grandfather several times managed to escape from certain death. The military “died” three cars. One of them drowned during the crossing and he managed to get out of the water. Was undermining on a mine field during the battle for Stalingrad, but Pyotr Stepanovitch, a virtuoso who took the truck with the door open, was able to jump out. It turned out for him a concussion. In the third military vehicle was hit by a bomb when his great-grandfather stepped out of it.

Julia Kovalchuk calls on all at least once a year on Victory Day to talk about the deeds of their ancestors. The social Network celebrity and marked: “Write a story about your loved ones! Let as many people as possible will read them!”

Natalia Vodianova

World-famous fashion model also honors the memory of their ancestors. For example, she believes that if you give the name of a brave hero to your child, it is certainly beneficial for the child’s fate. His second son, the celebrity called Victor. This was the name of her grandfather.

“My second son was named after his grandfather, Gromov, Viktor Filippovich, a war veteran. Grandfather went to war at age 16 and served as a radio operator on a submarine. After the war, in time of peace, 5 years, participated in the demining of the Black sea”, – told in an interview with the star.

Despite the fact that the beautiful model who lives in two countries, she always found a way to come to Russia on Victory Day together with the beloved grandfather to go to the parade. Celebrity even admitted that could learn to look at military equipment through the eyes of a relative of the person held all the horrors of war. Star felt nevroyatnaya pride veteran and his exploits, when, together with him went to a celebration in honor of Victory Day. Naval novel: the amazing love story of grandparents Natalia Vodianova

Irakli Pirtskhalava

Heraclius did not often share stories about their parent’s family with the press. However, the musician sincerely admires the history of his grandmother. Because all the stories about the ancestors begins with the mention of it.

Святая память: звезды рассказали о героизме родных

Boukreev Anna was a nurse. The entire world it has saved people, risking their lives. As recalled by Heraclius, the heroine met her future husband (the grandfather of the singer) on the front. Together they went through the war.

After the government declared Victory, the woman moved to Georgia to his beloved, where they were married. In marriage were born five children. Grandparents lived happily until the end of his days. Buried Anna Vladimirovna in the Georgian town of Tianeti.

Polina Gagarina

The singer proudly remembers his grandfather Muchkaeva Vladimir Alexandrovich. A relative on the maternal side he was awarded an honorary award – the Order of the red star. Celebrity Victory Day expresses the warmest and most respectful feelings toward the veteran. Honors Pauline and the rest of the soldiers, past the horrors of war and expresses its gratitude to your social media pages.

“Grandpa started the war in the partisan army, and then entered the army and rose to the end of the war, receiving the order of the red Star! Pride and eternal memory! Thank you for the fact that we can live life to the fullest and raise our children in the world! We will not fail!” – thanks star.