Yegor Konchalovsky decided to show the secret beloved son

Егор Кончаловский решился показать тайную возлюбленную с сыном
The Director doted in five-month-old Timur.

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This spring fans of Yegor Konchalovsky was waiting for a big surprise: the Director has not only announced the break with Love Tolkalina, with whom he lived together for 20 years, but again became a father. Mother and lovely boy named Timur was Maria Leonova. Interestingly, the Director carefully concealed his affair with a young fiancee, a lawyer by profession.

Yegor Konchalovsky Maria Leonova and son

Photo: @egor_konchalovskii Instagram Yegor Konchalovsky

Egor has not yet comes out with Leonova in the light, but already introduced your friends to her. Recently, for example, Konchalovsky came together with Mary and Timur on the birthday of a close friend. Footage from the party, he shared in social networks. Incidentally, in the published video from the festival and you can see the face of Timur, which his parents yet carefully concealed. Recently, by the way, little Timur was the rite of baptism. His godmother was the elder sister of Maria. She kindly agreed to take on the responsibilities of a spiritual mentor.