Jamie Oliver gave his son to the ballet

Джейми Оливер отдал сына в балет
Famous telepower admitted that he loves to stitch and braid her hair.

Jamie Oliver

Photo: @Instagram jamieoliver Jamie Oliver

Some fans of the world famous
chef and TV presenter Jamie
Oliver has the impression that their idol is a real “macho”. However, in his
the last interview, Jamie hastened to dispel the wrong idea about yourself.

First of all, the 42-year-old Oliver said:
more than anything, other than cooking … he loves to Tinker with sewing
machine. “I’m not only sewing, but also engaged in repairing clothes. And I have mastered the mending. And I just love to braid my daughters braids!” — said Jamie. Fortunately, he has a lot of
opportunities to practice Hobbies. After all, he and his wife Jules have five children
and three daughters: 15-year-old
Poppy honey, 14-year-old Daisy Boo, 8-year-old petal. And in the family growing up
two boys — 6-year-old buddy Bear
little river rocket, who is only a year.

As Jamie says, it very much helps his wife. His help was especially
valuable when the river rocket still appeared. “I am proud to
got up at night to bottle-feed it and change diapers. Not that I did it particularly well, but believe me, I enjoyed
this!” — boasted Oliver.

said telepower, he and his children married, without making special
the distinction between “girly” and “boyish” things. For example, your son buddy, he gave the
the ballet school. As for future professions, no one with them
from Chad Jamie is still undecided. Although four has already said to the father, which in any case continue the family dynasty not
going. Only one of five children
once said he’d like to have cooking. “Buddy said
one day, I wanted to be a chef. But he immediately added: “But I don’t
you will not learn how to cook better than dad. So what’s the point?” — sadly told