Егор Кончаловский прокомментировал расставание с Любовью Толкалиной
The Director said that the split in the family occurred a few years ago.

“I don’t necessarily know where Egor who he is. Jealousy doesn’t exist for me. I think if the woman shows jealousy, she was not sure myself”

Photo: Philip Potters. The love dress VANUSHINA

Yegor Konchalovsky commented on the severance of relations with
actress Love Tolkalina.

“Yes, we parted with Any. In fact, a few years
ago, — says Yegor. — Very friendly and love our Masha! Very happy. Have
everything has a beginning and an end. And Masha, and me and Luba all is well. Don’t think
this is some incredible news.”

That is one of the brightest kinobar collapsed, it became known
from Tolkalina. About that star wrote on his page in the social

Summing up the year and listing all the exciting events
what had happened to her in 2016, at the end of a long post Love casual
mentioned that in her relationship with the father of her daughter Maria set

“Very secret and important, — said the actress. Only
finally after separating from her husband, I learned how to be friends with him…”

Recall Tolkalina and Konchalovsky were together for over 20 years
and raised a daughter Mary, which has already turned 15 years. However
a long history of relationship the pair has not reached the Registrar’s office.

“Yegor said many times about marriage. But, as the saying goes, promise
not to marry, told
Love in interview 7days.ru. And I understand why Egor difficult
had to take this step. I’ve read autobiographies of Andrew
Sergeyevich Konchalovsky about creativity and family. And then, when for so many years
passed, somehow forgot that we were going to get married. Perhaps if we
Egor still did it, and he’d introduce me officially, I
would feel about their status more deeply and realized the responsibility. And
so I understand that I am the mother Mary Mikhalkova, the involvement of which the family is difficult
to deny…”