Alexei Vorobyov thanked life for deliverance from sweetheart

Алексей Воробьев поблагодарил жизнь за избавление от возлюбленной
The singer celebrates his birthday.

Alexey Vorobyov

Alexei Vorobyov celebrates a birthday: today he turns 29 years old. Despite the fact that
just a few days ago, the singer found out about the betrayal of his girlfriend, the birthday boy admitted that he’s happy.
Alex is sure that betrayal
sweetheart this is not a test, and redemption, as life itself strikes
unnecessary people, leaving in it only the most popular and reliable.

“I’m 29 and I’m a happy person, — says Alexei. — Do
what you know and love. Earn enough to live well and to help
family. I have goals and each day I work closer to achieve them. I
grateful for the fact that she strikes people who should not be
next. Grateful for every chance that she gives me, I appreciate it, and
grab each of them. Grateful to the people I work with, and which
trust. Grateful to family for their endless belief in me and support in everything and
always. And I thank God that forgives me and always answers when I
want to talk to him. Thank you all for congratulations and wishes, I know
that they are sincere, and I really appreciate it. I want you to know… I’m 29 and I
happy man!”

We will remind, the singer was faced with the betrayal of his
sweetheart. Alex said that he intended to make his girlfriend a surprise
and especially for her one day returned from America, where he was at work. But
his house got a nasty surprise… turns out that his beloved to a sudden
the arrival of the boyfriend was absolutely not ready. Alex hinted that caught
girlfriend cheating, after which they with the scandal broke up.