Специалисты прокомментировали скандал с новогодними «огоньками»
Experts said that the New year at the TV — festival for the elderly.

Philip and Alexei Chumakov

Christmas lights on the main Federal channels
of the country — the “First” and “Russia-1” — became the subject of intense and frankly
the controversial discussion of the audience, which does not abate until now. Just lazy
accused titled telebossov that during the holidays on the screens was “scoop”,
“cabal” and “bad taste”. For this reason was expressed as a simple
the audience and many celebrities.

The situation about why everything was the way it was, clear figures of the company TNS Russia.

According to this resource, young Russians,
which, basically, and become the instigators of condemning the debate, television
new year’s eve is not the “nail program”, they do it absolutely
otherwise. Viewers older pay tribute to many years of habit to celebrate the New year at the TV under the old
good “Irony of fate” or a festive concert with the participation of Alla Pugacheva. Ratings
the new year’s broadcast on Russian TV showed that two-thirds of all viewers
“lights” to “First” and “Russia-1” — people older than 45 years, and more than a third over
65. Young people 30-45 years gives the two main Federal channels not more than one
the fifth part of the audience. And in those years,
when the First channel deliberately spent huge sums of money on attracting more young
the viewer (for example, in 2011 the air was sting, Elton John, Roxette, Tony
Braxton), he lost “Russia-1” (where the Russians congratulated Lev Leshchenko, Philip
Kirkorov and “New Russian grandmas”).

Recall, January 1, in the first hour after midnight of 26.7%
spectators over the age of 18 with the TV in Russia was watching “the First
channel”, 26,9% — “Russia 1”.