Двухлетний сын Галины Боб попал в реанимацию The actress is in the hospital with the child. Galina Bob itself has reported that the heir suddenly became ill, and she had to go to the doctors. Now life little Lion is not in danger.
Двухлетний сын Галины Боб попал в реанимацию

Popular actress Galina Bob often shares family photos, talking about the problems and achievements of beloved sons. On January 5 the star of the series “Deffchonki” was forced to interrupt new year’s vacation due to a sudden deteriorating well-being of the older child. A little later a young woman is told that the Lion suspect of acute viral infection.

“Today we took a ride in an ambulance. Immediately placed in the intensive care unit, put a huge shot. Lev cried, but not from pain, but from what is afraid of injections. We have a single room, a separate luxury room, you might say. Now he feels better,” said Bob.
Двухлетний сын Галины Боб попал в реанимацию

Galina told that the boy had a fever and he complained of pain and weakness. Shortly after admission he was transferred to the intensive care unit, but after a few hours returned it sent to the house in the infectious disease Department. Thanks to the help of doctors, the boy managed to fall asleep, but the young woman still did not depart from the Lion.

“He’s sleepin’ my hamster. Now I will go to him under the flank. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be cheerful and happy,” said the young woman.

Fans were quick to support the actress. They wished Bob patience, and her son a speedy recovery. “My child is sick too often. Already lost count how many times we were in the hospital”, “I Hope Leo gets better soon, and you will be able to return home”, “Poor little thing for him too often sores cling,” wrote Galina fans on Instagram.

Health little Lion is not the first time the concern of a doting mother. So, in the summer son of the actress infected with a dangerous virus during a holiday in Turkey. Then Galina said that the child a few days a fever and his body covered with purulent blisters.

Due to the sharp deterioration of health of a baby the actress and her husband had to return to Russia, where a few doctors have tried to cure the child.

Galina itself has repeatedly admitted that the sons are the greatest joy in her life. For three years young woman married to the Director of the series “Deffchonki” Sergei Koryagina. Bob manages to not only build a successful acting career, but also taking care of two kids and beloved wife.