“All her life she has devoted to patients”: friends can’t accept the death of TV presenter Irina Chukaeva

«Всю жизнь она посвятила пациентам»: друзья не могут смириться со смертью телеведущей Ирины Чукаевой The woman died of complications from pneumonia on 5 January. This was announced by the doctors of the 13th municipal hospital, where he was treated Irina Chukaeva. Close to the famous physician, the news was a real blow.
«Всю жизнь она посвятила пациентам»: друзья не могут смириться со смертью телеведущей Ирины Чукаевой

Cardiologist Irina Chukaeva is famous in the whole country once became the leading program “Health Studio” on TV channel “Russia-1”. The woman also acted as the author of almost all editions, and held this position for ten years. Fans to fully trust the specialist and she seemed to know the answer to any of their concerns.

The news of the sudden death of the TV presenter came too late in the evening of 5 January. As it turned out, Irina Ivanovna was hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia and a few days later died from serious complications.

This news shocked many colleagues Cokeboy. So, the cardiologist Nana Pogosova didn’t even know that her friend is in critical condition. The woman learned of the tragic death of Irina Ivanovna from journalists.

“You blew me away this news. She was very open, friendly person, a professional. She has wonderful students. She is charming, beautiful woman. What a pity,” – said after that.
«Всю жизнь она посвятила пациентам»: друзья не могут смириться со смертью телеведущей Ирины Чукаевой

Chukaeva managed to not only practice medicine and work on television, but also dedicated time to training a new generation. So, from 2003 to 2007 she served as head of Department of polyclinic therapy, Russian national research medical University named after N. And. Pirogov and taught medical students.

Irina Ivanovna paid great attention to charity and social activities. So, the woman was a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation for the support of families, children and maternity. A longtime friend of the presenter freelance pulmonologist of the Department of health of Moscow Andrey belevskiy noted that colleagues were incredibly kind heart.

“She was our great friend. Our colleague, co-worker, who managed to be a great doctor and leader. And, of course, she was a wonderful person. We found so many common themes, and well understood each other,” said Belev.

While not reported, when will take place the ceremony of farewell to Irina Chukaeva. Fans of the doctor-the TV presenter do not get tired to write words of support to the relatives and friends of the deceased women.

Allergist Tatiana Kakhidze sure Irina Chukaeva has left a big mark in medicine and saved the lives of hundreds of patients.

“With deep regret I perceived the news about the death of colleague and wonderful person Irina Chukaeva. All her life she has devoted to the noble profession and care about their patients. She has always been guided by the principle of a Dutch physician of the seventeenth century Nicolaes van Tulp “Shining to others, burns itself out”. Chukaeva special attention was paid to prevention and health education. Expressing condolences to the family and friends,” – said Kakhidze.

During his long career in medicine Chukaeva managed to write over four hundred printed works. She created a textbook of outpatient therapy for students, and many benefits. Irina Ivanovna died at the age of 67 years. She is survived by two adult children and a grandson.

When writing the article were used materials of the “Ren-TV” and “Evening Moscow”.