Майк Тайсон купил ферму для выращивания марихуаны

American professional boxer Mike Tyson bought a farm for growing marijuana. In late December, he bought 16 hectares of land near Death Valley national Park. There he intended to grow marijuana along with his business partners, Robert Hickman and Jake Strommen.

Майк Тайсон купил ферму для выращивания марихуаны

To take such a step Tyson decided after the legalization of cannabis in California January 1, 2018 (now, persons over the age of 21 years can buy marijuana at the store, though not more than 28 grams and is strictly until 22:00, or you can grow it at home — up to 6 clusters).

It turned out, in addition to the love doves and sport, Tyson enjoys medicine. The aim of the Tyson has become growing herbs for sale and own amusement and serious medical research. In addition to helping science, American boxer will get monetary profit. The idea of Tyson were not without support. Responded positively, the mayor of the city of California city Jennifer wood. She supported the boxer, because the new venture will provide jobs.

The journalists of the Blast had already visited the location of the future farm, which will be a whole mini-city. For the acquired area will be broken down plantation, built a hydroponic plant, there will be camping, store, and will begin to function a special school where you can take lessons growing different varieties of marijuana and learn how to properly apply it. As Tyson himself says, he always believed in the healing properties of the miracle herb and now intends to learn more. He is confident that with some treatment it can serve as an effective anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, and antipsychotic agent, as well as to be useful to people with a diagnosis of “posttraumatic stress disorder”. The former heavyweight champion of the serious approach to business and has already registered a trademark called “Iron Mike” Iron Mike Genetics.

Recall that to embody his ideas about the cultivation of marijuana, Tyson was made to another case. Since childhood he had a love for birds, which he decided to breed pigeons. In childhood, the boy could not boast of a large number of friends, which gave himself to the love of birds, furnished dovecotes on the roofs of his native Brooklyn. “Once one guy snatched the dove from his hand and directly into my eyes, snapped his neck recalled Tyson. — I attacked him with fists and beaten. After that I decided that I needed to box. So if not blue, I would probably never have become a boxer.”