Yana Troyanova is preparing to release the second season of “Olga”

Яна Троянова готовится к выходу второго сезона «Ольги»
One of the most popular TV series TNT brought the channel a new professional victory.

Yana Troyanova

Photo: Press service of TNT

In Moscow named winners of the fifth “Media” — a prestigious
competition in the field of television promotion and design. The TNT channel has become
the absolute leader among all participants.

The TNT channel 21 award (6 first places, 5 second places and 10 third),
and unlike other applicants, TNT was awarded all four major

First place in the nomination “Best promotional campaign essential
miniseries or movie” went to the creators of the series “Olga” — one of the absolute
hits of the past TV season.

“All the awards and prizes are given to understand that you
move in the right direction from the point of view of a professional, told 7days.ru performer
the role of Olga, Yana Troyanova. — Decide who and what to award professionals, this is
not the audience. It is clear that the love of the audience will never buy it, it will not deceive
the viewer feels everything. Similarly with awards. We are not able themselves
to evaluate, we are inside the material, but when you recognize professionals with
side is not just nice, it’s already level. You know what I did
the quality of the work. Well, now we’re waiting for the new season of “Olga.” There
the feeling that it was better that the first. We went deeper and the characters, and

Recall that in a recent interview admitted Troyanova,
that work in the TV series “Olga” abruptly changed her life.

“When I was acquainted with the producers when
solved if I go on this show, not go, and when I in the end still
decided, moreover, that the producers promised me that it would be a good level
(and they like real men, kept his word) I said back then:
“It will be popular hitara,” recalls Yana. — It was a big statement, and
so funny they were all spitting, knocking on wood, and to them I said that
knock, no knock, and will be a popular hit. And now even by strangers on the street
sometimes you treat me: “Olga”. So I am happy, firstly, I
she was right, and secondly that we are so great team work. We really
worked really impact all this was done, and with love. That’s the result. When
do with love, the result is always very good. So I’m happy. It