Pregnant Rita Dakota said, why not eat in planes

Беременная Рита Дакота рассказала, почему не ест в самолетах
The singer believes that it is not good for the unborn baby.


Rita Dakota continues
to share with their fans everyday life beremennoi women. This time she
told how she travels during pregnancy. Dakota warned to fly by plane.

“I have to fly there are no contraindications, and
I’m allowed to fly where I want and how much you want. For those who are here I
long been no secret what kind of crazy travelers, my husband, why change
something in my life dramatically with pregnancy you shouldn’t have, neither in our view nor
the opinion of our doctor. Therefore, during pregnancy we have visited in Singapore
in new York, the Maldives and now in Montenegro. Even over the summer we have planned Greece may Ibiza and accurately Los Angeles, — the singer speaks. — Half of these visits, the working, the other
nichegonedelanya. In General, all these pregnant reason practically
different from the usual, except for a few things?

1. I’m taking a huge
first aid kit, which was collected by my doctor. I don’t really know that it was there, because she
I was forbidden to watch and even more so to read the instructions.

2. I don’t tan.
Exactly. At all. Lie in the shade and SPF 50+ face stick 50+. The doctor did not forbid
to sunbathe just my skin is very finicky. In my case, alas, either
tan or youth and vitality.

3. Compression socks in flight. Yes, as
grandmothers. I have really swollen feet after the flight, even before pregnancy.
So I bought a thin cool invisible socks and fly them. No one
notice the feet are happy, I am calm. Well, don’t eat airplane food. One of my
friend richest businesswoman supplier of food in several air companies.
She doesn’t eat, and I was advised not to eat. Well, the reference I have on
pregnancy. Just in case. To inspection frame does not take place. More
nothing “new” in our trips didn’t come.”