Yana Troyanova explained why refuses sex scenes

Яна Троянова объяснила, почему отказывается от постельных сцен
The actress said that the public believes kissing is “abomination”.

Yana Troyanova

Photo: Dmitry Alexandrov

Yana Troyanova, who always seemed
fans of the girl lively and relaxed, admitted that she actually
can’t stand sex scenes in the movie. About it the actress said in
exclusive interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

“Our own stunts, but in
the love scenes I substitute double is even in my contract prescribed, —
says Jan. — The fact that I don’t like movie love scenes. And kissing in
the frame — generally an abomination, look away from the screen, wondering: “what if the people
kissing?” Imaginary sex in front of the camera too — I’ll start
pricked, laugh. It always looks very artificial”.

According to Jana, in the scenario of her husband Vasily sigareva it with the first word
understand what kind of character she will play.

“In the series, everything is different: with a large volume first provides information on
the plot, character, characters are not always immediately visible, says Troyanova. And we
together with the authors began to finish Olga under me. Playing it, took something from
mom something, my best friend, Natalia — she has two children, daughter, early birth.
He remembered how they fight, and endured to his cinematic family. I the heroine
only at the end of the first season opened. And in the second the writers planted
pig: Olga was not so hard, but loving and vulnerable. Started a new
search, and work was boring.

We’ve got a great team. Although not without conflict:
Need Alex broke up. He is the first Director who managed to bring
me into hysterics, even on non-working issues. Constantly picked on
detail, staged with all the disassembly — not stand, I even went to the site and
after a long time to come. It turned out that the group of him is not particularly
work: just one act, as I and others keep silent. The result
the producers decided Needed to be removed. Left only Igor Voloshin”.