Анджелина Джоли стала преподавателем

On Monday, 42-year-old actress Angelina Jolie held a seminar at the London school of Economics and political science.

The lesson took place in the framework of the course “Women, peace and security in practice.” Told Jolie about her experience as an Ambassador of the office of the high Commissioner UN for refugees and the measures to prevent sexual violence against women in war zones.

The actress answered questions from students about the human rights violations in areas of armed conflict, violence against women and gender inequality.

“She was pleased with the seminar. Believes that it is very useful is communication with students. Angelina hopes not only to teach them in the future, but also work together to find ways of improving the situation of women,” – said the insider.

The course began in September and will last nine months. Recall that the pedagogical plans of the actress became known in the spring of 2016, when she became a visiting Professor at the Centre for women. The network got a plan the fact that Angelina was going to discuss with students.

Jolie pays a lot of attention and time socio-political issues and for several years is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee. “To this topic in my youth I was completely apathetic. I became interested in human rights issues and to meet with refugees because I wanted to learn. I had some romantic vision of all this: I figured I’d put my shoes on and become a humanist. But you should always look in the root of the problem. And he refers to law and politics. I met with refugees, survivors of sexual assault, but convictions in these cases was not. So I started to work with representatives of the law and the government,” explains Jolie.

The topic of gender inequality, the actress has repeatedly raised in his speeches at public events, and this time not spared. “Today I think about how hard women fought for what we have now. The value is absolutely all — important how you behave in everyday life, what you know about your rights and how you stand in solidarity with women worldwide,” she concluded.