Яна Рудковская подаст в суд на вторую супругу Виктора Батурина Producer very rarely remembers his relationship with the businessman. Recently, however, at Yana Rudkovskaya came under a barrage of slander from the second wife Yulia Baturina, who believes that she took away the son of Andrew. The star said he will insist that the woman was deprived of parental rights.

      Яна Рудковская подаст в суд на вторую супругу Виктора Батурина

      Yana Rudkovskaya has a strong character. The star came face to face with difficulties and overcome them, not allowing them to break themselves. Recently Rudkovskaya was the victim of slander from the second wife of Viktor Baturin Yulia Saltovets. A woman came to one of Russian TV channels and said that John forbade her from seeing her son Andrew. By the way, the boy’s mother informed she abandoned the child, and the producer has issued over it guardianship.

      According to Rudkovskaya, the first meeting of Andrew and mother arranged it. Stepson Yana Rudkovskaya wants to communicate with the birth mother , “We a week the whole family tried to persuade Andrew to go. He went on talking with this lady in the company of Zhenya, Zhenya’s friend and our middle son, Kolya. I sent for Saletovic and her daughter’s car, met them, brought, they sat in cafes, talked, and the woman with her daughter brought home,” said star.

      15-year-old son Baturina and Saltovets was not forbidden to see their mother, however, according to Jan, the woman herself never sought a meeting with the heir. Julia suggested a few options how you can arrange a meeting with Andrew. However, she never made contact with the boy. In order to stop the woman, Rudkovskaya intends to solve the issue through the legislature.

      “We are preparing documents to the court and to law enforcement, to punish her for libel. I’m tired of having aired on the Federal channel, a person can defame my honor and dignity – by the way, not only mine, but Viktor Nikolaevich! Fortunately, a law under which the libel is supposed to criminal liability. And if I this woman was sorry because she had already stumbled in his life, abandoning the child, legally now I want to stop attacks on the welfare of my family,” said Yana.

      According to a businesswoman, Julia has long had to deny parental rights. Viktor Baturin also support Yana in this process, as it sees how they take care of the children. Andrew a lot of talking with his father. After his release Viktor helps the children engaged in their education. Rudkovskaya has long been not mindful of any kind of grievances against the ex-spouse.

      “We’ve both been through a very difficult situation, and she taught us a lot. Now I support Victor Nikolaevich, we’re in constant contact,” said Jan in an interview with Hello!

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