Vera Brezhneva does not regret forces for the sake of a perfect body

Вера Брежнева не жалеет сил ради идеального тела The singer showed how hard her workout. Vera Brezhnev considered one of the sexiest women in show business. However, few people realize that over the slim figure of a star is exhausting work.

      Recently Vera Brezhnev entered the top ten sexiest women by the readers of the magazine “StarHit”. The singer looks stunning and is not shy to demonstrate their dignity in public. The beauty of the stars inspired fans on poems and paintings, and fans to lose weight.

      Top 20 sexiest women: what a shame the stars?

      However, Faith itself is happy to be a motivator for the transformation fans. She periodically shares her beauty secrets and shows in his various exercises, thanks to which she manages to keep your figure in perfect condition. So, she posted a video with a workout, which ended her weekend.

      “How was everyone’s Sunday evening? Four sets of twelve with a blue rubber band (who knows – will understand ), at the end of the workout it turns out “Ahhh”… Happy to go to bed. And let me dream of any of you who also played this evening,” wrote Brezhnev on Instagram.

      Video posted by Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) Jul 17 2016 at 2:19 PDT

      “I also spent a weekend with benefit! Soap box, and my daughter helped me”, “That’s where Your slender legs! The secret is out! Ladies, all the running to train your legs,” “What will power”, “And we have Sunday – bath day”, “Vera, what’s this band like?”, “Elastic resistance. But in stores it is called an elastic band or expander. Been looking for this myself and I can’t find” – shared with Faith fans.

      Vera Brezhnev undressed in front of cameras

      We will remind, last week the singer released a video for the English song Feel. In a new video the star has appeared in a few striking images, but most of her fans are impressed with the footage of Brezhnev demonstrates naked body. Faith appears in the video with a bare back, trying passionate red dress and dances in the form of an angel, dressed in a white outfit.

      “My songs are different… With different mood, different patterns, in different languages. Once there was a song Feel. Not for something, not for some reason. I felt. And on this tune lay down such lyrics. And today on my YouTube channel has a video for this song. The creative tandem of Director Ekaterina Belinskaya and designer/stylist Alisa Gagarina. We wanted to create… to Convey our feelings,” announced the release of the music video star, laying out a frame of video in Instagram.


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