Yana Rudkovskaya went to the police because of his son

Яна Рудковская обратилась в полицию из-за своего сына
The son of producer lost 150 thousand rubles.

Yana Rudkovskaya son Nicholas

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Yana Rudkovskaya had to go to the police because
the incident with her 15-year-old son Nicholas. The young man lost
large sums of money — 150 thousand rubles, which he received from his father — a businessman Viktor Baturin.

Money Nicholas who makes the first success in the music field, was going to spend on a new track in the music Studio. On
next day, after the father gave the young man the necessary money
amount, and another five thousand for personal expenses, the following happened. In a statement Rudkovskaya, the producer of which is left at the police station, says that Nikolai Baturin with his friends was in a private apartment, where they drank

Spent together with friends about three hours, Nicholas felt ill and went home. Already home
he found the lack of a pocket cash. The inspector recorded that “the material damage amounted to 150
thousand rubles, for Rudkovskaya I. A. is a significant damage”. Staff
police took a statement and visited the scene.