Harrison Ford: “the Press has grossly exaggerated my guilt”

Харрисон Форд: «Пресса сильно преувеличила мою вину»
The actor said that his wife understood his passion.

Harrison Ford


In its 75 years Harrison Ford continues to star in a movie, and yet, despite his age, he is in a flight team of pilots and rescuers, volunteers who are on their planes or helicopters involved in the search and rescue of people in distress. However, he managed to save himself: once, when in the air the engine failed, the second when she nearly collided with passenger plane, mistaking the runway with taxiway…

“The family has me, no one thought to criticize for my fascination with flight, — said the actor. Is the wife of the bus driver, for example, will criticize my husband when he’s driving? Calista (actress Calista Flockhart — third wife of the actor. — Approx. ed.) a wonderful lady and understands my passion for aviation. Knows what this means to me, and often flies with me… I was not disbarred. After listening to the records of the negotiations with the land Commission recognized that my guilt was not. The engine refused due to the failure, which happens once in 20 years. A similar fault, unfortunately, it is impossible to identify in advance. I managed to tell the dispatcher the engine off and managed to land on the Golf course, avoiding fatal collisions with the road, people, houses. However, at the moment of landing I was already unconscious. Then I had to lie in hospital. In the second PE, to be honest, part of my guilt was all the same. In aviation, you should avoid two things: distraction and, conversely, fixation on something. I that day I visited my old 101-year-old aunt, who recently had to be placed in a special nursing home. So on the way back I had all kinds of thoughts, I digress, which is unforgivable. But the press exaggerated my guilt: there is no “nearly collided with passenger plane” was not in sight. I landed normally, although in the wrong place: not on the runway”.

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